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Gardens in the Desert



10 Mar 2009


The creation of Oman Botanic Garden is an aspiring project unlike any other. Commissioned by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said Al-Said, the Sultan of Oman, it is the very first of its kind in Arabia.


Changing World -Energy



30 Nov 2008


Changing World looks at innovation all around the world from Seawater Greenhouses, how South Africa is investing clean technologies.


Energy from the Desert



20 Mar 2007


Countries of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa are collaborating to take advantage of the truly monumental quantities of energy that fall as sunlight on the world's hot deserts.


Positive News Hong Kong



26 Apr 2006


Positive News is published in Hong Kong in English and Chinese. And is distributed at central Hong Kong's organic vegetarian cafe, Life.


Growing Futures



29 Jun 2005


Tree Aid is an organisation that seeks to eliminate the effects of drought and poverty in the dry lands of Africa, not only by planting trees but also through educational programmes and the pro-vision of equipment. Since 1987 Tree Aid has raised over £3 million pounds, funding 76 projects across Africa and benefiting more than 180,000 people who have...


Mystics peace Plan



29 Dec 2004


Earlier this year, Neil Douglas-Klotz helped co-ordinate the Edinburgh International Festival of Middle Eastern Spirituality and Peace. He believes that the West's interventions of the Middle East have been, at best, ignorant of the Middle Eastern mind and, at worst, manipulative for its own benefit. The recent history of violence and human tragedy on all sides has produced an...


Pioneers for a Saner World



30 Sep 2003


An inspirational biodynamic farming project in Egypt has won a 2003 Right Livelihood Award. Dr Ibrahim Abouleish founded Sekem in 1977 by cultivating 70 hectares of desert north east of Cairo using organic, biodynamic methods, based on the teaching of Rudolf Steiner.