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Peace Bell

/ Positive Perspective, Sustainable Development

25 Sep 2015


This weekend the UN sustainable development goals will be agreed upon at a summit in New York. Asghar Zaidi explains how the new goals aim to cover a much broader range of issues and be more widely applicable than those they are replacing


, / Health

27 Apr 2015


This week marks the fourth annual World Immunization Week. Kylie Bull reports on how the increasing use of child vaccinations is saving lives in Kenya


/ Health, Science, Technology

05 Feb 2015


Child amputees in the developing world are to sample the latest technology in custom-made prosthetics after a Canadian NGO receives more than £50,000 in government funding


/ Innovation

29 Dec 2014


The government-backed Newton Fund will foster economic growth in developing countries through innovative partnerships and research collaborations


/ Innovation, Technology

03 Oct 2014


Developing countries could reap the benefits of better “security hygiene” for just $35

PN Summer 2014_Drones for good (from Matternet Facebook page)1-prototype testing

/ Economics & Innovation

22 May 2014


Drones are not usually thought of as a tool for good, but entrepreneur and airborne logistics activist Andreas Raptopoulos thinks otherwise, Danielle Batist reports


/ Economics & Innovation

16 May 2014


The UK government will consider the impact on women’s and girls’ rights as part of its international aid spending, after a new law is passed promoting gender equality

The Forest of Light, Medellin (c) Jenna Hutber

/ Economics & Innovation

25 Apr 2014


From infamous drugs cartels, record homicide levels and widespread poverty, to economic strength, innovation and enterprise, Colombia’s city of Medellin has undergone a serious transition that’s changing the attitudes of citizens and tourists alike


/ Media

07 Apr 2014


A groundbreaking journalism project allows local citizens around the world to bolster their communities, learn new skills and break vital news stories that might otherwise go unnoticed

Tamsin 2 (c) Living Goods crop

/ Good Business

04 Mar 2014


Nicola Slawson talks to Tamsin Chislett, partnerships manager of Living Goods, a company giving away its successful ‘Avon Lady’-style business model in a bid to bolster healthcare in developing countries

Kids in Rwanda

/ Wellbeing

20 Jun 2013


New reports from the UN indicate that some of the poorest countries could be rid of extreme poverty in two decades


/ Health

10 Jun 2013


New technology, which involves patients simply spitting into a cup, could vastly reduce waiting times for TB diagnosis

Uruguay's president-elect Jose Mujica celebrates winning the presidential run-off election in Montevideo

/ Politics

11 Apr 2013


Despite being the figurehead of a country on the up, Uruguay president José Mujica donates his earnings to charity and lives on a small modest farm. Matthew Pike considers how his grounded principles are changing the political landscape

Suzanne Monoliths, Mikindani Bay (C) Isobel Pring, eco2

/ Community

04 Feb 2013


Thembi Mutch looks at the reality of volunteering in Africa and gives advice on how to make it work for all parties involved

EDD1_NB Kabutakapua (6)

/ Economics & Innovation

16 Nov 2012


A positive cycle of enterprise financing and increasing citizen empowerment is slowly improving Africa’s economic prospects and reducing poverty, according to findings from a development summit in Brussels

Credit- Abhijit Tembhekar

/ Education

20 Sep 2012


The government of Peru has launched a new effort to reduce child labour in the country

Cape Verde on the rise

/ Sustainable Development

06 May 2011


Cape Verde has become one of the most successful self-sustaining economies in sub-Saharan Africa and earned a reputation as one of its star democracies

Cornwall's Solar Plant is UK's First

/ Renewable Energy, Sustainable Development

13 Dec 2010


Planning permission has been given for the UK's first solar power station to situated on the seven acre site of the former Wheal Jane tin mine, near Truro


New Chapter for Fordhall Farm



14 Sep 2010


Pioneering, community-owned farm to construct a new eco-building that will house a tea room and educational facilities


Social Investment in the Amazon Forest



09 Jun 2010


The Cochabamba Project, a UK-based financial co-operative, is on the look out for ethical investors seeking opportunities that will grow.