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Helmut Newcake Gluten Free Patisserie in Paris

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29 Oct 2015


If you have a gluten intolerance or coeliac disease, travel might seem almost impossible. But it can offer surprising benefits too. Jasmine Irving tells fellow gluten-free travellers: don’t let it prevent you from seeing the world


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30 Sep 2015


A small metal fish designed for use in cooking to increase iron uptake is proving a great success in Cambodia and is now set to be used further afield. Could the Lucky Iron Fish spawn an end to iron deficiency across the rest of Asia?


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25 Mar 2014


A raw food diet sounds like it would be good for you, but probably involves too much time and effort, right? Not so, Claudia Cahalane discovers on a raw food beginners’ course

Raw salad

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28 Sep 2012


Kristina Georgiou finds out about the benefits of eating food as close to its natural state as possible

The Good Food Revolution

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21 Feb 2011


Positive perspective: David Barrie explores the importance of good nutrition and the growth in popularity of wholefoods since the 1960s

Raw Food

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14 Dec 2010


Kate Magic is author of three books, including 'Eat Smart, Eat Raw'. This article looks at the benefits of a raw food diet and offers a helpful recipe


Medicinal Seasonings



19 Mar 2008


For 30 years, Dr Keith Scott has worked as a medical practitioner in South Africa, discovering the benefits of plants that are spicy' in nature.


Food and Mood



29 Jun 2005


The message about dietary change has recently been hitting our television screens. In the wake of Jamie Oliver's successful series, Jamie's School Dinners, ITV's Tonight Special two-part investigation featured nutritionist, Patrick Holford, overhauling the diet of three unruly, teenage boys. Patrick is the Director of the Institute of Optimum Nutrition and the Brain Bio Centre in London. He investigates...


Kids Go Veggie



29 Feb 2004


More children are choosing to be vegetarian, according to Juliet Gelatley of the Vegetarian and Vegan Foundation. "When I first started giving talks in schools 18 years ago there might be two or three vegetarians in a class. Now there are often ten. Children are questioning much more these days and they are ready to listen."


Healthy Food for Children



30 Sep 2003


Foods we choose determine the quality of life we can expect. Buying and preparing local, seasonal, organic food builds a culture of a caring community and helps create mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing, says Daphne Lambert


Food Poverty Appeal



30 Dec 2002


Nearly seven million people in the UK are not able to afford a healthy diet