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/ Environment, Wellbeing

23 Sep 2014


Nurturing a deeper, more interactive connection with nature is essential for the Earth's wellbeing and our own, says Jini Reddy, as she spends a week in Devon learning from indigenous traditions

Speaking of Biodynamics

/ Agriculture, Environment, Health

14 Dec 2010


Huw Morgan talks to Claire Hattersley, a member of the team at Weleda, in Derbyshire, who use biodynamically grown ingredients in the making of their natural medicines


Music to Build On



22 Sep 2010


Help for earthquake survivors as Artists Project Earth release a third album


Happy Birthday Gaia Foundation



22 Sep 2010


Globally respected environmental network, the Gaia Foundation, is celebrating 25 years


Building a World Movement



07 Jun 2010


People's Summit produces a mandate for global action on climate change. President Evo Morales, announced that Bolivia will hold a referendum to produce a shared agenda for climate solutions.


/ Arts

07 Jun 2010


Seán Dagan Wood tracks the musical and spiritual journey of Xavier Rudd, on the release of his new album, Koonyum Sun


Crossing Worlds



03 Mar 2010


The Crossing Worlds Programme is a bridge for all peoples to learn from and be inspired by the living Earth.


Bolivia Calls for Earth Rights


/ Sustainable Development

02 Mar 2010


President Evo Morales Ayma of Bolivia is calling for a Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth.


Keep Earth Beautiful International



30 Nov 2009



Earth Pilgrim



24 Nov 2009


In his latest book, Earth Pilgrim, author Satish Kumar takes us on a journey into wholeness.


Living Room Revolution



24 Nov 2009


Earth is unique and precious, Christina Hutchins reminds us in Climate Change: Our Warming World, a photo-book with a mission.


A Musical Award for Transition



23 Nov 2009


The Transition Network has received an award of £32,000 from Artists Project Earth, APE. The money was generated by the sale of a series of three Rhythms Del Mundo albums.


Positive Handprint



07 Sep 2009


Earth Restoration Service is a global charity fully committed to repairing the environment.


Disney Film is Just the Ticket



15 Jun 2009


Disneynature, an offshoot of the Walt Disney Company, recently pledged to plant a tree for every single ticket sold during the opening week of their new film Earth.


Time's Up!



11 Mar 2009


Times up! is a book about ensuring that we have the means to save ourselves from the unfolding global crisis.


Salad Days at Thanet Earth


Agriculture, Archive

10 Mar 2009


Thanet Earth is an exciting, revolutionary horticultural development. When finished it will be the largest eco-friendly glasshouse complex in Britain.


Earth Matters on Stage


/ Archive

24 Nov 2008


Earth Matters on Stage' was set up to bring focus and furtherdevelopment to an emerging genre of theatre, known as ecodrama - anyplay, comedy, drama or musical with an ecological theme.


An Achievable Goal



24 Nov 2008


"A green and sustainable world is not an unachievable goal," says the Living Planet Report.


Building the World We Want



24 Nov 2008


The Green Cities Foundation has just launched a brand new website,offering an agenda to create beautiful cities that are harmless to thePlanet and a pleasure to live and work in.


This One Earth



24 Nov 2008


Danielle Ballantine is a composer and musician based in Oxford, in the UK. Her second album, This One Earth, is a celebration of our unique planet.