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17 Feb 2015


Let go of fear and the brakes on our lives are released, says Polly Higgins


Campaigners make final push for European ecocide law


/ Environment

02 Jan 2014


Campaigners vow to continue fighting ecosystem destruction as a campaign to make ecocide a crime in Europe draws to a close

Discours des députés et de Polly Higgins (c) End Ecocide in Europe

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22 Apr 2013


The destruction of ecosystems in Europe could be criminalised if campaigners are successful

A rainforst in Laos (c) Gnilenkov Aleksey

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11 Jan 2013


Planned study hailed as significant step towards making mass destruction of the environment a crime against peace, while new campaign to end ecocide by 2020 is launched

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07 Dec 2012


Jeremy Wickremer joins the audience for a public conversation between Charles Eisenstein and Polly Higgins, two ‘visionaries of a new world’


Video: Sacred Economics and Sacred Law


/ Economics & Innovation, Environment, Positive People

07 Dec 2012


Working in the fields of law and economics, Polly Higgins and Charles Eisenstein share the belief that all life is sacred and see this understanding as the basis for a prosperous future. At a public event in London in November 2012, they spoke about their life paths and shared their visionary ideas.


/ Economics & Innovation, Environment

31 Oct 2012


Two leading thinkers in alternative economics and the environment, Charles Eisenstein and Polly Higgins, will speak at a one-off event in London this Friday


/ Environment

20 Jul 2012


Ecocide law could be closer than previously thought following discovery of documents revealing it was discussed by UN in the past


/ Justice, Positive People, Sustainable Development

12 Dec 2011


Polly Higgins says a feasible amendment to international law could catapult global society into a sustainable future

Vandana Shiva

/ Environment, Justice

30 Sep 2011


Mock trial on ‘ecocide’ to take place at UK Supreme Court

Mock trial to pave way for ecocide law

, / Conservation, Justice

27 Sep 2011


A potential new law to protect the Earth from degradation will be tested at the UK Supreme Court during a mock ecocide trial on 30 September 2011