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Reading in South Africa

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11 Apr 2014


One problem, one solution, one week. A new volunteering travel initiative sets its sights on universal primary education

Cathrine teaching (c) Misako Ono

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18 Feb 2014


The first dedicated centre for constructive journalism plans to use extensive psychological research to help set a more positive global news agenda

Human Rights Centre

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07 Aug 2013


Groundbreaking training centre for protesters, developed in response to the use of social networks in the Arab spring, opens in Florence

3 (c) Ed Schipul

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04 Jun 2013


This month we consider two TED talks that explore vibrant, unconventional approaches to education


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01 May 2013


Food growing and nutritional cooking classes could form part of the national curriculum from 2014, but the changes might be scrapped following criticism from industry


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18 Apr 2013


A new breed of online courses offers in-depth learning for free, from anywhere in the world. Nicola Slawson tries one out and considers the effects Massive Open Online Courses will have on traditional education


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08 Apr 2013


Two prominent American colleges are re-examining their energy investment policies thanks to a national climate change campaign

(c) Swansea University

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21 Mar 2013


Bright young Scottish scientists now have the chance to visit CERN, the home of pioneering particle research


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07 Mar 2013


Sold out first run indicates journalists’ desire for more positive reporting

3 (c) St Mungo’s

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04 Mar 2013


A new initiative is offering homeless people the chance to learn vital skills for free

2 Credit College Degrees 360

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14 Jan 2013


A UK-based reading group programme has been set up to help people better understand the economy

The Amazings workshop, City Rd, London 28/4/12

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12 Jan 2013


A group of keenly minded mentors are spreading their wisdom around London in a venture set to enrich the lives of both young and old

EIFL- Knowledge Without Boundaries

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10 Jan 2013


The Nepalese government has launched an ambitious new programme which aims to eradicate illiteracy in the country by 2015


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09 Jan 2013


TEDx event titled Visions for Transition will stimulate thought and discussion on the planet’s most pressing matters


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18 Oct 2012


A project aiming to provide free access to the UK's best university lectures has launched

Transition Conference Open Space Session credit Kathleen Cassidy

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12 Oct 2012


How can communities work together to become stronger and happier? Kathleen Cassidy found out at this year’s Transition Network Conference

Flickr member 401 (K) 2012

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10 Oct 2012


A series of ethical investment debates and talks aimed at hedge fund managers, charities who invest in private companies, and the public, kicks off this week

Credit- Department for Communities and Local Government 2

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09 Oct 2012


The number of men training to be primary school teachers in England has increase by more than 50% in the past four years


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09 Oct 2012


Renowned permaculture expert Aranya talks about the environmental – and emotional – benefits of permaculture design

Meditating in class

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02 Oct 2012


Meditation before and after lessons is creating classroom success stories for a school in Lancashire