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14 May 2015


For a long time the progress of renewable energy has been hampered by its transient nature: neither the sun nor wind is ‘on’ 24/7. But now Elon Musk’s new energy storage invention is set to change the renewables landscape as we know it

Moor Hall Energy Savers

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12 Feb 2015


Britain now has more than 650,000 solar installations across homes, businesses and public service buildings, according to recent figures from the Department of Energy and Climate Change


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22 Dec 2014


The project is one of two by solar energy developer Conergy which will create enough electricity to power 3,200 UK homes


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19 Dec 2014


A new project, the first of its kind globally, will see rubbish otherwise bound for landfill turned into clean aviation fuel

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21 Nov 2014


A Sainsbury’s store in Cannock has become the first supermarket in the world to derive 100% of its power through its own food waste

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18 Sep 2014


A groundbreaking ruling allows towns opposed to fracking to ban heavy industry within municipal borders

Coming down the steps of the turbines (c) Andy Cantlon

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13 Feb 2014


The first of its kind the UK, the Community Energy Strategy aims to spark a ‘decentralised energy revolution’


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07 Jan 2014


Shale gas and hydraulic fracturing (fracking) have been hitting the headlines for months, surrounded by debate on controversial extraction methods. But if the future of fracking is uncertain, what are the alternatives for a secure energy future?


Algae lamp absorbs 200 times more CO₂ than trees


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16 Oct 2013


A French scientist has found a way to put slimy pond produce to good use


Energy campaign fights to eliminate fuel poverty


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12 Feb 2013


With the backing of big businesses and prominent charities, the Energy Bill Revolution is taking its fight all the way to the top


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31 Jan 2013


Locally-owned renewable energy projects offer more than just clean energy; they could be a practical route to empowering people and nurturing their wellbeing, believes Matt Mellen. He sits in on a public event to hear local energy innovators share their experience


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31 Jan 2013


Cramped, windowless dwellings in impoverished parts of the world are being given a new lease of life thanks to a remarkably simple invention

Bloomington Community Orchard 9.18.10

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28 Jan 2013


Through collective ownership, together we can take back control of our resources, and in turn our lives and communities, argues Matt Mellen


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16 Jan 2013


A leisure centre in County Durham is keeping the environment – and its budget – in shape with a range of new energy-generating machines


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02 Jan 2013


Thousands of pay-as-you-go solar energy devices are to be distributed across Africa in an effort to reduce dependency on kerosene generators, which are considered expensive, bad for the environment and potentially dangerous

University of Tromso's research vessel Lance follows U.S. Secretary of State Clinton and Minister of Foreign Affairs Stoere's tour of a fjord onboard the Arctic research vessel Helmer Hanssen off the coast of Tromso

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27 Dec 2012


Norway is doubling carbon tax on its North Sea oil industry and setting up a £1bn fund to tackle the impact of climate change in the developing world

Extraction of wood with Horse

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01 Nov 2012


Want to invest in green energy but don’t have a local project to invest in? A new website lists share offerings for green energy co-ops around the UK


Geothermal could supply 20% of UK electricity


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10 Oct 2012


The UK could meet a fifth of its electricity demands through deep geothermal energy, according to a new report

Credit - Global Marine Photos

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05 Oct 2012


Europe installed 132 new offshore wind turbines in the first six months of 2012 – a 50% increase on the same period last year


Consumer campaign slashes energy bills


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26 Jun 2012


UK consumers who have taken part in a campaign tackling energy prices are set to save a grand total of £25 million a year on energy bills