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(c) Jumpstart Academy Africa

/ Economics & Innovation, Social Enterprise, Youth

12 Mar 2015


Lacklustre and uninspiring educational facilities in Africa are being given a jump-start to improve literacy and support the change-makers of tomorrow

Good Energy

/ Renewable Energy

17 Jul 2013


A sustainable future, empowered communities and rural growth – renewable energy can tick a lot of boxes, but is not without its challenges. Good Energy CEO Juliet Davenport fills us in

2 (c) Ultimately Eco Cleaning

/ Good Business

23 May 2013


Bulgarian immigrant Kate Belcheva went from part-time cleaning work to setting up a successful ethical cleaning company of her own, turning down business offers as she kept to her principles in order to make clean business green business


/ Youth

16 Aug 2011


An 18-year-old has published a new book featuring interviews with 20 acclaimed entrepreneurs under 35


Divine Bradley



23 Sep 2008


'My largest passion is making a living giving," says Divine, "working with young minds to assist in developing and nurturing their futures by creating new possibilities today."


Recycle the Glass Ceiling



31 Jan 2008


The search is on for the UK's most inspiring, female-led ethical business, with the launch of the Triodos Women in Ethical Business Awards (WEBA) 2008.


Entrepreneur of the Year



28 Feb 2005


The Midlander of the Year Awards honour those who have increased the prestige of the region or who have made an outstanding contribution to the social, political, industrial, cultural or sporting life of the area. The Social Entrepreneur Category winner was Zadvinder Padda, for his pioneering work in gang labour' legislation over the last five years.