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Martin Myerscough Image

/ Good Business

09 Jan 2015


Two and a half billion takeaway coffee cups are used every year in the UK and virtually none are recycled. Rory Tingle talks to Martin Myerscough, inventor of the world’s first fully recyclable paper cup

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02 Dec 2014


The latest success stories and actions from the world of campaigning

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24 Oct 2014


Our economy is shooting itself in the foot, author and activist Naomi Klein warned an audience in Westminster this month, and a radical change in the way we approach the climate conversation is the only way to turn things around


/ Positive News blog

09 Aug 2014


By 'rewilding' nature and society we can forge a hopeful path through modern crises, said the journalist, speaking at Wilderness festival

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/ EcoHustler

07 Aug 2014


Abundance is the natural state of the world and we can improve the lot of humanity while also allowing the biosphere to thrive, says Matt Mellen

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07 Jul 2014


The latest news, efforts and success stories from the world of campaigning

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27 Jun 2014


Sustainable development figurehead and Forum for the Future co-founder Jonathon Porritt tells Laura Smith why he's turned away from the media's ‘doom and gloom’ perspective and adopted a more positive outlook for the future of the Earth

Dongria Kondh boy Kalia stands in front of the Niyamgiri hill range.

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11 Mar 2014


The Dongria Kondh in India have won a landmark victory against metal mining giant Vedanta, as plans for a bauxite mine are rejected in a move that could set a new precedent for tribal rights


Mandatory environmental reporting proposed for all businesses


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20 Feb 2014


MEPs have welcomed a proposal that could see all European businesses required to publish detailed information about their environmental activity

Biopiracy EU

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13 Aug 2013


The European parliament is to vote on a bill that will make it harder for pharmaceutical companies to exploit the traditional knowledge of indigenous people

Duddon Estuary flood

/ Environment

30 Jul 2013


A new type of grass could feed livestock while protecting the UK from its biggest climate change threat: flooding

Brigid Benson

/ Economics & Innovation

29 Jul 2013


In the last 20 years, ethical and green investment in the UK has trebled to more than £11bn. Brigid Benson, from ethical financial advice service Gaeia, talks about moving money in a more moral and environmentally effective direction

Kaptan June

/ Positive People

26 Jul 2013


After June Haimoff lost her house, partner & beloved boat, she went around the world to find a new home. She ended up saving thousands of turtles' lives and is now a leading conservationst. She tells Lorenza Bacino her story


Youth climate change committee aims to connect younger generation with policymakers


/ Environment, Youth

05 Jul 2013


New organisation will increase dialogue as research shows that the vast majority of young people believe climate change is an urgent issue

China turbines

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14 Jun 2013


China could set an upper limit for its carbon emissions for the first time, with plans drawn up for the cap to be in place from 2016

Diseased wood bench

/ Culture

31 May 2013


Wood otherwise bound for the bin is being put to good use as furniture

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/ Agriculture, Environment

26 Apr 2013


A new method of farming has the potential to turn Bangladesh into a food-secure, poverty-free country within a decade


/ Environment

19 Apr 2013


Goldman Environmental Prize winner Rossano Ercolini tackled Italy’s mounting waste problem and achieved what many environmentalists had only dreamed of. He talks to Rachel England about his unlikely zero waste journey

waste wood 4

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19 Apr 2013


Sculptor James McNabb has created a series of wood sculptures exploring the idea that there should be no such thing as waste


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08 Apr 2013


Two prominent American colleges are re-examining their energy investment policies thanks to a national climate change campaign