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/ #OwnTheMedia

10 Jun 2015


Positive News’ 30-day drive to become the first global media cooperative financed by crowdfunding has enjoyed a swell of support in its first three days. Supporters have so far invested almost £70,000 towards its £200,000 target


/ Innovation, Technology, Wellbeing

18 Dec 2014


Is it possible to ‘hack’ your own happiness? Helen Parnham investigates how emerging technologies can improve wellbeing

Embrace the change, interactive conference, Nicola Slawson, Global Documentary

/ Community

21 Mar 2014


Embrace the Change brings together experts in the environment, economy and media to explore more positive and sustainable ways of living


/ Culture

09 Jan 2013


TEDx event titled Visions for Transition will stimulate thought and discussion on the planet’s most pressing matters


/ Agriculture

19 Jul 2012


This year's London Permaculture Festival will focus on urban permaculture


, / Community, Wellbeing

18 Jun 2012


A week of events celebrating the good in the world will take place from 18-24 June 2012


Pakistan's First Youth Peace Festival


Democracy, Youth

30 Nov 2010


Peace festival brings together young people from across Pakistan, empowering them to work towards peace


West Midlands Vegan Festival



12 Oct 2010



Celebrating a Load of Rubbish



22 Sep 2010


Trashcatchers Carnival draws crowds in Tooting, helping unite community behind Transition message


30 Years and Still Growing!



20 Jul 2010


The Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens (FCFCG) marks its 30th anniversary this year with a major event in Nottingham on 3-4 September.


Race to Zero Carbon



07 Jul 2010


Round-the-World Motor Race to Produce No Carbon Emissions - the Zero Emissions Race will involve teams from different continents racing electric vehicles around the world in 80 days.


Self Knowledge and Global Responsibility Event



07 Jun 2010



Positive Parliament


/ Politics, Youth

03 Mar 2010


Run by young people, the UK Youth Parliament provides a chance for those under 18 to use their voice in creative ways to bring about social change.


International Celebration of Grandmothers



02 Mar 2010


International Grandmothers' Day is to be celebrated in 132 countries on 25th April. The event was established last year by Darina Allen from County Cork, Ireland.


Movement for Peace Circles the Earth



02 Mar 2010


An inspiring journey across the globe has united hundreds of thousands of people in the name of peace.


Bristol's Fairtrade Fashion Show



12 Jan 2010


Fairwear 2010 returns to Bristol on 25th February and will be the biggest fairtrade catwalk show ever to take place in the UK.


Power Shift: UK's Youth on Campaign of Hope


Archive, Youth

07 Oct 2009


Young people from all over the country are coming together this weekend for 'Power Shift', an unprecedented event at the Institute of Education in London.


New Darwin Centre Opens Soon



09 Sep 2009


The new Darwin Centre is set to open to the public on 15th September. To mark the launch, there will be a special event attended by HRH Prince William.


The Wonderful World of Worm Charming



08 Sep 2009


Hundreds competed in the driving rain to achieve a world record at this year's World Worm Charming Championships, held at Willaston village, in Cheshire.


Peace Now!



17 Aug 2009


To celebrate International Peace Day, the Yoga Club in Brighton invites you to Peace Now! the biggest event for peace the city has ever seen.