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16 Sep 2013


25 years ago an isolated Colombian tribe emerged to share a warning about humanity’s future, captured in a film about them that had a far-reaching global impact. But now the tribe has surfaced again to give us a powerful new message


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22 Mar 2013


A new competition has been launched to help aspiring filmmakers gain exposure while addressing wasteful water habits


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12 Jul 2012


Seán Dagan Wood discovers how a new series of innovative workshops run by the award-winning filmmaker, musician and ‘creative catalyst’ Jamie Catto, is inspiring people to realise their potential

Multimedia project inspires Indian girls to stay in education

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11 Jun 2011


Girl Stars, a multimedia project in India, has created inspiring icons out of 15 ordinary young women in an effort to encourage others to pursue education.


Getting Sus! in Cardiff


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08 Nov 2010


Sustainability Week in Cardiff is going on right now, involving staff and students from the city's University that is hosing the events


A Message from the Gonavindua Tairona



21 Sep 2010


Kogi Mama, Jacinto Zarabat, is visiting London to help promote a film about the Tairona heritage and offer a poignant message for the western world about respecting the Earth.


The Turning Point



03 Mar 2010


The Turning Point: a return to community is a positive, inspiringdocumentary about our transition to a low-carbon future, exploring thevital role of community in the creation of a life-sustaining society.


Documenting New Directions



23 Nov 2009


New film 'In Transition 1.0' documents history in the making. It is an overview of what the Transition movement is beginning to achieve, using fictional characters and actual footage to put its message across.


Lights, Camera, Environmental Action!



23 Nov 2009


Living in the small, biodiversity-rich Panchgani in western India, it is not surprising that Devansh Mathur was inspired to pick up a camera to protect the land he loves.


A Forest Garden Year



08 Sep 2009


A Forest Garden Year provides further insights into Martin'sspectacular patch of land, as he leads viewers around his plot andguides them through its stages of productivity within the year's cycle.


Rolling Out Power to the People



08 Sep 2009


Imagine each and every surface under the sun covered with a film that captures light and transforms it into electricity.


Just a Minute!



07 Sep 2009


Bruce Parry and Franny Armstrong are among the judges of 'One Minute to Save the World' - a competition for short films about the issues surrounding climate change.


Young Brit Dean Brings Cinema to its Senses


Archive, Youth

15 Jun 2009


A profoundly deaf teenager from London has been voted winner of the Enterprising Young Brits: People's Choice Award, at a ceremony honouring the out-standing contributions of young people.


Pete Postlethwaite Gets a Green OBE



15 Jun 2009


Pete Postlethwaite, star of new climate film, The Age of Stupid, was taken by surprise during a 'question time' session something green!


Speaking Out for Remote Tribes



07 Apr 2009


British actress Joanna Lumley has narrated a new film for the tribal rights charity Survival International.





31 Mar 2009


On Earth Day ñ 22nd April ñ Walt Disney's new eco-film label Disneynature, launched its first feature-length film 'Earth'.


The Age of Stupid



03 Mar 2009


The Age of Stupid has been described as the very first successful dramatisation of climate change to hit the big screen.


Do You Have an Idea That Can Change The World?



01 Dec 2008


Chew TV and Creative Partnerships are urging young people to come up with a fresh new perspective on the world and think about ways on a global scale that could change the way we live.


The Content Crew Kicks off!



01 Dec 2008


Chew TV has officially launched a pioneering scheme that is giving oneyear's work experience to fifty 14-25 year old, film enthusiasts fromall over the UK.


Chew TV needs feeding!



30 Nov 2008