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/ Positive Perspective

20 Nov 2014


Being able to trust can create a powerful foundation for reframing how we see the world and taking more purposeful actions in our lives, discovers Jini Reddy at the Findhorn New Story Summit


Are You a Bioneer?



14 Sep 2010


The Bioneers movement of North America, is bringing solutions to environmental and social challenges from 'the heart of nature' to Europe


Inspired Action for Global Citizens



23 Nov 2009


The Inspired Action conference will emphasise that when dealing with the challenging topics of our time, it is more important then ever to create a balance between inner and outer work.


Changing the World from the Inside Out



08 Sep 2009


'Inspired Action aims to raise awareness of the crucial link between inner wisdom and outer action,' says Margo van Greta, conference organiser.


Stories We Need To Know



25 Mar 2008


What can the adventures of Harry, Hermione, Ron and Dumbledore teach usabout ourselves? Do stories contain essential knowledge for a rich andhappy life?


Living Classrooms



19 Mar 2008


Living Routes offers academic and experiential programmes in ecovillages around the world.


Positive Energy



17 Mar 2008


A Conference to Explore the Challenges of Peak Oil and Climate Change in the company of some of the World's leading thinkers


Bach Flower Remedies for Dogs and Cats



04 Feb 2008


A book from Martin Scott and Gael Mariani, the founders and directors of the Society for Animal Flower essence research.


In Tune with the Moon Living and Growing with the Lunar Cycle



04 Feb 2008


In Tune with the Moon 2008 tells us how the lunar cycle influences ourdaily lives and how ‘tuning in can not only enhance our garden producebut also our lives.


A Source of Happiness



05 Dec 2007


When Paul Johnson swapped his business suit for wellington boots to live on the magical tiny island of Erraid, life became less stressful and more simple, rewarding, physical and challenging.


Trip to Erraid



30 Nov 2007


The Findhorn Youth Project has been in operation since 1984. More than40 youth and young people meet weekly in their purpose-built youthproject building on the village green of the Findhorn FoundationCommunity.


Going Carbon Neutral



11 Sep 2007


The 'Positive Energy' conference is designed to stimulate the mind and engage creativity. Representativesfromcommunity-driven projects around the worldwill gather for next Easter's conference at the Findhorn Foundation to tackle issues of climate change and peak oil.


Findhorn Welcomes Foreign Delegations to Study



12 Jun 2007


Official delegations from as far away as Vietnam are travelling to the Findhorn EcoVillage to learn about Sustainable Living.


The Findhorn Garden



21 Feb 2007


For books that give a background to the early pioneering stages of the community or for the Findhorn Garden Book you can click here to find a link to the Findhorn Press.


GEN Celebrates 10th Anniversary



19 Dec 2005


What a birthday party! 130 people from 22 countries on every continent came together to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Global Ecovillage Network, GEN. They left full of inspiration and energy for the decade to come.


Walk Your Talk



29 Dec 2004


There is no time like the present to explore if we can create a different future from the one we seem to be heading towards. In November, nearly 100 socially and environmentally responsible entrepreneurs came together for three days at Findhorn Foundation to explore how they could help create a brighter future.


Walking Their Talk



30 Sep 2003


A new way of doing business is emerging, one that encourages co-operation rather than competition. This new way is based on the belief that abundance is possible for everyone when we act with respect for others and for the environment.


Authentic Business



30 Sep 2003


"Authentic business can change the world," according to Neil Crofts whose Authentic Business Newsletter has attracted 3,000 subscribers in just over a year.