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04 Aug 2015


The creation of a fish reserve in northern Mozambique has brought tremendous benefits to both marine life and the local community

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15 Apr 2013


Fish stocks and fish diversity are increasing in some English rivers following the work of community groups


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16 Mar 2013


Proposed fishing policy protecting endangered stocks and banning discards and has been given the majority vote by MEPs


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16 Mar 2013


MEPs have banned wasteful practices to try to make EU fishing more sustainable. But it's not just policymakers who can have an impact, argues the Marine Conservation Society. Bernadette Clarke explains choices consumers can make to help secure the future of fish

Record numbers of salmon and sea trout in English rivers

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06 May 2011


Record numbers of salmon and sea trout are being found in iconic English rivers, say the Environment Agency, which has announced that river water quality in England has improved for the 20th consecutive year


Underwater Art Brings Seabed to Life



09 Jun 2010


Creating beautiful ecological art in the world's largest gallery, Jason deCaires Taylor's subaqueous sculptures have a life of their own


Urgent Action to Save Our Seas



31 Jan 2009



Edible Cities are the Future


Agriculture, Archive

31 Aug 2008


A new report by Sustain: Edible Cities, looks at examples of urbanagriculture projects in US cities and identifies opportunities that others could be adopting.


Coral Reef Alliance



17 Jun 2008


The Coral Reef Alliance, CORAL, is a member-supported, non-profit organisation, dedicated to keeping reefs alive.