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22 Oct 2015


On Tuesday Norway's capital city became first in the world to withdraw its investments in fossil fuel companies. Campaigners hope the move will send a strong message to world leaders ahead of the Paris Climate Change Conference in December

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20 Oct 2014


As organisations ranging from city councils to churches withdraw their investments in fossil fuels, Nicola Slawson looks at how a small US student campaign has become a global movement to tackle climate change

Bill McKibben talking in Amsterdam as part of the Fossil Free Europe Tour (c) 350org facing cam

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03 Jan 2014


Adam Weymouth talks to renowned environmentalist and co-founder of, Bill McKibben, about why investing in the future of the planet means divesting in the companies that are jeopardising it


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29 Aug 2013


Oxford City council rules out using oil from Canadian tar sands


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08 Apr 2013


Two prominent American colleges are re-examining their energy investment policies thanks to a national climate change campaign

Polar Bear in the Arctic

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14 Feb 2013


Proposals to protect the Arctic by creating a global sanctuary around the North Pole have drawn worldwide support


Campaigners step up pressure to end fossil fuel subsidies


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12 Jun 2012


Campaign groups Avaaz and are leading fresh attempts to end fossil fuel subsidies