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03 Sep 2015


Greta Rossi left her career in mainstream higher education to start Akasha Innovation, where a new venture aims to help young people build a better future for themselves and generations to come


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18 Jun 2015


Seed banks provide a treasure trove of genetic diversity. The challenge, say scientists, is bringing together existing banks and ensuring their financial security so as to conserve the world’s crop history before it is lost forever

James Goodman

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06 Feb 2015


Forum for the Future’s major new digital hub, launching tomorrow in Singapore, is designed to unlock powerful new tools for sustainable innovation

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27 Jun 2014


Sustainable development figurehead and Forum for the Future co-founder Jonathon Porritt tells Laura Smith why he's turned away from the media's ‘doom and gloom’ perspective and adopted a more positive outlook for the future of the Earth

Embrace the change, interactive conference, Nicola Slawson, Global Documentary

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21 Mar 2014


Embrace the Change brings together experts in the environment, economy and media to explore more positive and sustainable ways of living

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16 Aug 2012


Three young people have been awarded for their efforts in combating inner-city violence, campaigning against bullying and dedication to charity work

Who owns the story of our future?

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30 Mar 2011


Researching for his first book, Mark Stevenson spent a year looking at the scientific horizon – and came back cautiously optimistic

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13 Dec 2010


Alexis Rowell's new book looks at how councillors and citizens can work together to promote a sustainable future


Newcastle Tops the Green Bill


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10 Nov 2010


Newcastle has topped a table of Britain's greenest cities for the second year running


Hope for Animals and their World



27 Sep 2010



Reconnecting Farms


Agriculture, Archive

22 Sep 2010


In Shropshire, a new service is working with farmers to help create a sustainable future for agriculture


Young Environmentalists' Acre of Hope


Archive, Youth

09 Jun 2010


An international youth group travelled to Acre in Brazil, to give a voice to some of the initiatives helping to protect the Amazon rainforest


Felix Says Stop Talking



03 Mar 2010


When Felix announced that he wanted to take part in UNEP's programme, his teacher thought he only meant to plant one tree but soon realised his pupil had a more ambitious project in mind.


Young Future Energy Leaders


Archive, Youth

18 Jan 2010


The Masdar Institute of Science and Technology is to launch a new venture -Young Future Energy Leaders at the 3rd World Future Energy Summit which will run 18th-21st January 2010.


Welcome to the Positive Arts Community



04 Jan 2010



Renewable World



24 Nov 2009


Here's the book we've been waiting for: a thorough, up-to-date, andabove all proportionate response to our climatic predicament


Dressing Up for the Future



23 Nov 2009


Young people took to the catwalk at the Royal Festival Hall, to showcase their creative handiwork, as part of London Fashion Week.


The Future is Here



08 Sep 2009


iCymru is a new wireless internet space launched by Robert Geary, IT visionary, who saw the potential of using PC-like capabilities of the Smartphone and WiFi to obtain information on the move.


Jacque Fresco's Vision of a New Future



15 Jun 2009


Jacque Fresco, at the age of 93 is a scientist, architect, inventor, designer and urban visionary, who has spent a lifetime conceiving ways to build a better world.


Chinese Students March to Build a Greener World


Archive, Youth

15 Jun 2009


While athletes from around the world prepared for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, student volunteers from 32 Chinese universities set off on a nation-wide march for the environment.