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Polar Bear in the Arctic

/ Environment

14 Feb 2013


Proposals to protect the Arctic by creating a global sanctuary around the North Pole have drawn worldwide support


Britain can be Zero Carbon by 2030



14 Sep 2010


Zero Carbon Britain 2030 report with input from universities, research bodies and industry offers a comprehensive energy strategy without the use of nuclear power


People Power Car Takes to the Streets



25 Aug 2010


The 'Bio-Bug' VW Car runs on methane gas generated during the sewage treatment process.


Moving Britain from Brown to Green



02 Mar 2010


'Green gas' made out of food waste and sewage, is to be piped into British homes by sustainable energy pioneers, Ecotricity.


A Powerful Solution



25 Jan 2010


An award-winning new home energy system could help us achieve a brighter, cleaner future say its developers, Disenco.


Keep Warm this Winter



30 Nov 2009



Inspirations from the Sambhavna Clinic



24 Aug 2009


The Sambhavna Clinic is a resource and healing centre that supports the survivors of the Bhopal gas leak.


Grassroots Fuel Development



31 Aug 2008


Paul Ellson looks at the developments of HHO technology and talks to researcher Chris Barns about his findings.


Solar Tower Lights Up Spain



12 Jun 2007


Europe's very first, commercially-run, solar energy plant was recently opened in the Spanish town of Sanl˙car la Mayor, Seville.


Get Switched On with Simply Energy!



29 Feb 2004


You can now switch to green electricity and support Positive News at the same time.