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Credit-Dorothy Voorhees - Copy

/ Conservation, Environment, Sustainable Development

27 Sep 2012


The planting of a 4,000 mile ‘wall’ of trees and shrubs across Africa has begun in an ambitious effort to halt the southward spread of the Sahara desert and stop vulnerable sub-Saharan habitats from drying up

Molly Scott Cato

/ Economics & Innovation, New Economics

06 Sep 2012


Stephen Lewis talks to Green Party economic spokesperson Molly Scott Cato about a new approach to economics

Ten reasons green people are happier

/ Lifestyle

08 Jun 2011


By fundamentally changing our cultural values we can create societies that collaborate for increased wellbeing rather than compete for increased wealth


Arcola Green Sundays – Water



20 Jul 2010


August's Green Sundays explores the depths of water - where it comes from, how we use it, ways to conserve it and what is happening with ocean pollution.


We Want Less and We Want it Now!



03 Mar 2010


Rachel Francis from Household Energy Services, proposes that the winners of the Big Green Challenge represent the building blocks a new Green Economics model.


Its Go Green Week



09 Feb 2010


People & Planet have just launched national Go Green Week: 8 ñ 14 February. Thousands of students will be taking creative action to tackle climate change.


Team Green Britain



14 Oct 2009



Herbs for Home Treatment



09 Sep 2009


In Herbs For Home Treatment, Anna proposes that herbs are the mostnatural form of medicine and offers the reader a comprehensive guidefor using them to treat common illnesses and improve general health.


Islands Going Green



08 Sep 2009


Residents of the Isle of Eigg, in the Scottish Inner Hebrides, are leading the way in environmental action.


Big Green Gathering Update



22 Jul 2009


The Big Green Gathering, one of the leading green festivals, was due to run from the 29th July and has unfortunately been canceled.


The Green Roadshow



27 May 2009



Donning the Cool Green Attitude



01 Apr 2009


Recently launched, organic and ethical company, Cool Green Attitude,combines high quality, sustainable clothing with creative andimaginative designs.


Transition Town Shoreham-by-Sea



17 Mar 2009


Caroline will be talking about the Transition Town Movement which shedescribed as..'..the most exciting, most hopeful, most inspirationalmovement happening in Britain today'


Time's Up!



11 Mar 2009


Times up! is a book about ensuring that we have the means to save ourselves from the unfolding global crisis.


Your Money



11 Mar 2009


An A - Z Guide to Making Your Money Go Further. Your Money provides a series of cash saving tips and ideas, fromorganising a swap party, to buying food in bulk with friends andneighbours


US Call for Heart of Green Nominations



31 Jan 2009



Green Projects Competition



31 Dec 2008


Children's magazine Discovery Box is launching its Green Projects Competition, Lets Act Together to Protect Nature, for 2009


Green Bike Project Scoops Award.



31 Dec 2008


Sometimes the simplest ideas offer the best mileage and this is true of the Award winning Green Bike Project.


The Go Green Company



30 Sep 2008



Helpers Turn Up to Clean Up



10 Jun 2008


Recently, Cape Panwa, located on the South eastern tip of Phuket Island in Thailand, held their first beach cleaning day.