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The Great Exhibition Returns in 2012



04 May 2010


Julie Benson explains the motivation behind The Great Exhibition 2012 and tells us why she believes it is important for the UK to celebrate its heritage and history.


Tree of Life Inspiration Network



19 Mar 2009


Uplifting talks on Monday evenings at the Main Library Hall, Moseley School, Wake Green Rd, Moseley, Birmingham B13 9QD.


Food for Thought Flava Fiesta



02 Jul 2008


On 30th of June, 300 students from the national youth empowerment charity, Envision, served up some food for thought at Flava Fiesta.


The Month of Taste



31 May 2008



Hay Festival



01 Apr 2008



1st International Hemp Building Seminar



31 Mar 2008



Movement to Ban Plastic



17 Mar 2008


China and Australia are the very latest countries to follow the growing global trend for banning plastic bags.


Status Quo Rock Against the Chop



04 Mar 2008


Status Quo might have a collective age greater than some of the trees they want to protect, but that won't stop them from rocking the Forest Tours 2008.


Sunrise Celebration Festival



29 Feb 2008


Sunrise and Solar Aid team up for a brighter future with a festival from May 29 - June 1 near Yeovil in Somerset.


Thousands Blow the Whistle' on Poverty



17 Sep 2007


housands of campaigners from a range of organisations came together onthe banks of the Thames to blow their whistles. The aim was to remindG8 leaders of the promise they made at the United Nations MillenniumSummit in 2000 ñ to halve poverty by 2015.


Meeting of Minds



12 Sep 2007


Can ethical consumption save the world? Not perhaps the sort ofquestion you would expect a bank to pose at their annual meeting. Butthen Triodos is no typical bank and this years annual meeting was farfrom the usual stuffy share-holder Annual General Meetings.


Pictures Speak a Thousand Worlds



07 Sep 2006


The winners of the 15th International Painting Competition on the Environment were announced on World Environment Day in June, at a ceremony in Nairobi.


One Million Faces Helping to Control Arms



23 Jun 2006


On the 22nd of June 2006 the Control Arms campaign reached its aim for the "Million Faces" petition. The petition will be presented to UN secretary general Kofi Annan.


The Art of Climate Change



12 Jun 2006


On 3rd June a new exhibition, The Ship: The Art of Climate Change, will open at the Natural History Museum, London. The exhibition is the result of three scientific and artistic voyages to the Russian islands, collectively known as Svalbard.


Celebrating Refugee Week at The Pierian Centre



09 Jun 2006


The Pierian Centre is supporting Bristol's National Refugee Week with a wealth of great events. It's a "big week" at the Pierian Centre, spanning two week-ends and every week-day in between.


World Environment Day 2006



25 May 2006


World Environment Day, commemorated each year on 5 June, is one of the main ways in which the United Nations stimulates worldwide awareness of the environment and enhances political attention and action.


Ludlow Green Festival 2006



13 Mar 2006


Following the success of last year's festival, Ludlow 21 has announced the dates for 2006's Green Festival as Saturday May 20th- Sunday June 4th.





29 Jun 2005


The Venus transit of June 2004 is thought by many to be the starting point of an age of planetary awareness. These transits occur in pairs and the next one is due on June 6th 2012. In the past, the time when Venus passed in front of the sun preceded great breakthroughs in human consciousness.


Fez World Sacred Music Festival



29 Jun 2005


A 10 day annual event which will unfold in venues of great historic and architectural interest in Morocco's holiest city.The Festival will take place from the 3rd to the 11th on June.


Running for World Peace



30 Sep 2003


Dennis Kucinich came a strong second in a field of nine Democratic candidates during the first ever, on-line Democratic primary sponsored by in June 2003.