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18 Dec 2014


Is it possible to ‘hack’ your own happiness? Helen Parnham investigates how emerging technologies can improve wellbeing

Bob Roth addressing a 2012 US National Education Summit (c) David Lynch Foundation

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15 May 2013


Paul Ellson talks to Bob Roth, director of the David Lynch Foundation, about transcendental meditation and the organisation's plans to one day set up ‘peace universities’ on every continent

(c) Robert Walsh

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20 Apr 2013


From the US army to Oxford University, the concept of mindfulness is being embraced in some surprising places. Nikki Allen discovers the growing popularity of a simple approach to helping people change how they experience life

Meditating in class

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02 Oct 2012


Meditation before and after lessons is creating classroom success stories for a school in Lancashire

‘Flash mob’ meditations in London awaken public interest_2

/ Spirit

11 Sep 2011


Popularity of group meditation increases across London

The fountain of youth – found

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12 Jun 2011


Meditation can slow the ageing process, new research suggests

Could the military use meditation to create peace?

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06 May 2011


There’s growing evidence that practicing transcendental meditation may directly create peace in the world and some military authorities are quietly taking the idea seriously