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Online network empowers young women

/ Youth

08 Jun 2011


A global movement is building that is inspiring girls to take control over their minds, bodies, hearts and actions.

Cafe in Cameroon helps young people join global sustainability effort

/ Education, Sustainable Development

06 May 2011


As part of a growing network around the world, Open World Cafe Cameroon opened in the city of Yaoundé in January 2011


Chew TV Flying High



21 Sep 2010


Bristol Media awards Chew TV, Plymouth-based social enterprise run by and for young people, first place in a list of 'Top 10 Creative Companies'


Stockfree Farming Gains Momentum



09 Jun 2010


Educational centres to open nationally, promoting vegan techniques for organic food growing


A Musical Award for Transition



23 Nov 2009


The Transition Network has received an award of £32,000 from Artists Project Earth, APE. The money was generated by the sale of a series of three Rhythms Del Mundo albums.


Breakthrough Network



31 Jan 2009


Breakthrough Network has been the focal point for holistic, sociallyresponsible enterprise since 1988. Now the network has been transferred online.


World Food Day


Agriculture, Archive

03 Oct 2007


World Food Day is celebrated each year on 16 October, the anniversary of the founding of the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation.