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06 Mar 2015


Positive News will take centre stage at an event exploring how the media can more accurately and usefully reflect reality


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18 Aug 2014


Studies have shown how we are more likely to remember negative events than good ones, which may be a factor in the media’s focus on bad news. But good news does more than simply cheer us up; new research shows how it also affects behaviour and benefits society


Campaign to put LA Times in hands of the people


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13 Jun 2013


A crowdfunding campaign in the US is attempting to raise $660m to buy The Tribune Company, which owns publications including the LA Times, in order to prevent it from being taken over by media conglomerates


‘Easy-read’ newspapers help people with learning disabilities follow the news


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10 Apr 2013


A charity is using visual cues and simplified language to make news accessible to all

John Bird

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15 Sep 2012


Answers From Big Issue will offer jobs and training for homeless people while supporting positive social projects


Interfaith Peace and Educational Centre Opens



16 Jun 2010


A new facility promoting interfaith peace, the Asha Centre, opened on a day of celebration, also marking the 60th birthday of its founder, acclaimed human rights campaigner, Zebanoo Gifford





30 Apr 2009



Evidence of Humanity



30 Nov 2008






31 May 2008



Discovering Young Hackney (DYH)


Archive, Youth

09 Apr 2008


Headliners (formerly the Children Express) is a UK-wide news agencyproducing news, features and comment by young people for everyone.





31 Jan 2008



Positive Feedback – Positive Projects



31 Jan 2008


Positive News readers share their stories, comments and ideas for a positive 2008.


Alternative Health Bristol



30 Sep 2007



Positive News Readers Competition



15 Aug 2007



Giving Children a Voice Through Journalism


Archive, Youth

12 Jun 2007


Y-Press, a non-profit youth news bureau based in Indiana, in the United States, is giving young people a voice through journalism. Young reporters, aged 10-13, work with young editors, aged 14-18, to research and write stories.


UNICEF's Media Magic



21 Mar 2007


UNICEF has recently launched a new multimedia newsletter for young people all over the world, to show how they can use the media to express their own ideas and learn about all the different issues that are affecting them.


The Path Of Spiritual Peacemaking



01 Sep 2006


A workshop to be held at The Ammerdown Centre on Sunday 19th November 2006 from 10.00am to 4.00pm with Eliyahu McLean and Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bukhari (co-directors of Jerusalem Peacemakers)


Green Books



02 Aug 2006


We are working with Green Books through an affiliate programme and by buying books through these links you are supporting ethical trade and helping Positive News at the same time. Their aim is to inform and inspire the general reader about ecological, spiritual and cultural issues of our time.


Online Auctions



26 Jun 2006


If you register with eBay though clicking the button below a small contribution will be made and will help us to continue bringing you positive news stories

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Room 13 is Out There



07 Jun 2006


Room 13's progress and expansion is testimony to what can beachieved by a youth-run project. The concept has moved far beyondCaol's Primary School bringing confidence and artisticopportunities to an international audience.