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14 Nov 2014


Permaculture is often associated with agriculture, but now a global network of environmentalists, development professionals and entrepreneurs aims to combine the power of human connections with sustainable design to help rebuild the war-torn Gaza Strip


/ A permaculture journey

16 Jul 2013


Would-be veg growers are often deterred by the seeming complexity of home-growing, but as permaculture columnist Nicole Vosper says, it’s a learning exercise – even master gardeners were newbies once


/ A permaculture journey

17 Apr 2013


Permaculture columnist Nicole Vopser explains controversial energy extraction methods and considers the energy rewards that permaculture can offer

Nicole Vosper

/ A permaculture journey

05 Nov 2012


Permaculture columnist Nicole Vopser explains how she has been using the principles of nature to act more effectively in caring for the Earth


/ Agriculture

09 Oct 2012


Renowned permaculture expert Aranya talks about the environmental – and emotional – benefits of permaculture design


/ Agriculture

19 Jul 2012


This year's London Permaculture Festival will focus on urban permaculture

Dizraeli & the Small Gods at Sunrise Celebration festival 2012

/ Arts, Culture

04 Jul 2012


Tom Lawson heads to Sunrise Celebration festival to see how it combines a party atmosphere with the chance to be part of a sustainable community


/ A permaculture journey

26 Jun 2012


Permaculture apprentice Nicole Vosper sees her dreams coming to fruition as her medicine garden takes shape


/ A permaculture journey

09 Dec 2011


A Permaculture Journey: Throughout the autumn, life has been all about harvesting


/ A permaculture journey

11 Oct 2011


Connecting with people and connecting with plants; Nicole Vosper finds the balance

New online network to make permaculture mainstream

, / Agriculture, Sustainable Development

09 Jun 2011


A new website is showcasing permaculture projects and practitioners from across the world, in an effort to revolutionise the way permaculture is practiced and bring it into mainstream consciousness.


Wasting nothing in the living landscape


/ A permaculture journey, Food, Sustainable Development

09 Jun 2011


In my previous piece for this column, I mentioned the dilapidated raised beds I was restoring at my family's smallholding in Somerset, and the comfort I took in the principle 'small and slow'


Eastside Roots



30 Apr 2009


Eastside Roots is creating a community gardening hub for Easton & the Bristol community using renovated derelict land by Stapleton Road train station


Rob Hopkins on Transition Culture



22 May 2007


Sami Grover, environmental activist and Director of Sustainability at The Change, interviews Rob Hopkins, the man behind Transition Culture


Building Sustainable Communities



03 Jan 2007


A permaculture design course 

Food Not Lawns



21 Nov 2006


How to turn your yardinto a garden and your neighborhood into a community.Food Not Lawns combines practical wisdom on ecological design and community-building with a fresh, green perspective on an age-old subject.