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27 Mar 2015


Democracy is out of step with the way the world communicates. Could open source software and a so-called parliamentary ‘cyber chamber’ help address this disconnect?

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02 Mar 2015


Vote for Policies, an online service that allows people to see which party their views most align with, has launched its 2015 edition ahead of the general election in May. The site aims to engage with five million voters before polls are cast

High-level Meeting on Disability and Development

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10 Sep 2014


A quiet gender revolution in Namibian politics is underway following a commitment to a gender equal parliament and a 'zebra' system that aims to create a male-female balance for ministerial roles

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03 Jul 2014


Cornwall’s 15-year fight for minority group recognition is victorious


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19 Jun 2014


As the term ‘housing crisis’ becomes ingrained in the British lexicon and millions of people face uncertain futures, seven organisations suggest their solutions


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28 May 2014


Sushil Koirala has surprised leaders by rebuffing his family’s inheritance in favour of a simpler way of life

Press Conf IPU and UN Women

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10 Apr 2014


A growing number of women in parliament indicate an encouraging trend towards equality

Tunisian President Marzouki gestures after signing the country's new constitution in Tunis

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05 Mar 2014


Significant advances for women are among a catalogue of new rights for citizens, in what is being widely received as the most progressive constitution in the Arab world

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/ Culture

20 Dec 2013


He’s known for his hair, his sex life and more recently, his encounter with Jeremy Paxman, but as Nicola Slawson finds during Russell Brand’s standup comedy show, there’s more to Britain’s famed lovable rogue than meets the eye


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18 Dec 2013


When Russell Brand challenged the status quo in a Newsnight interview, he was picking up on a shifting sense of what is possible for society - and recent successes in international diplomacy are among signs that he may be right

Uruguay's president-elect Jose Mujica celebrates winning the presidential run-off election in Montevideo

/ Politics

11 Apr 2013


Despite being the figurehead of a country on the up, Uruguay president José Mujica donates his earnings to charity and lives on a small modest farm. Matthew Pike considers how his grounded principles are changing the political landscape

GA Meeting

/ Democracy

13 Feb 2013


King Abdullah has appointed 30 women to Saudi Arabia’s formal advisory council, suggesting the country is moving towards greater equality for women


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09 Jan 2013


TEDx event titled Visions for Transition will stimulate thought and discussion on the planet’s most pressing matters

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09 Jan 2013


A new report from the TUC has shown that the British public largely supports the welfare system once it realises where benefit money actually goes. Natalie Revie speaks to four people whose lives are examples of the positive effects it can have

University of Tromso's research vessel Lance follows U.S. Secretary of State Clinton and Minister of Foreign Affairs Stoere's tour of a fjord onboard the Arctic research vessel Helmer Hanssen off the coast of Tromso

/ Economics & Innovation, Environment

27 Dec 2012


Norway is doubling carbon tax on its North Sea oil industry and setting up a £1bn fund to tackle the impact of climate change in the developing world

Philippine presidential candidate Senator Benigno 'Noynoy' Aquino III speaks during a campaign rally in Pinamalayan, Mindoro

/ Media

12 Sep 2012


The president of the Philippines has called on the media to shun sensationalism and make more effort to balance negative news with positive stories


Ripples of change from Rio


/ Sustainable Development

18 Jun 2012


Twenty years on from the first Earth Summit, Kirsty Schneeberger looks at the potential for positive outcomes at Rio+20, the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, taking place 20-22 June 2012

SG meets Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

/ Democracy

01 Jun 2012


Former prisoner of conscience and Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi has entered the Burmese parliament, marking an historic step towards democracy in the country after 25 years of totalitarian rule