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01 Jul 2015


A new origami paper battery, which is powered by bacteria and costs five US cents (3p), could revolutionise the diagnosis of diseases in developing and remote areas


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31 Jan 2013


Locally-owned renewable energy projects offer more than just clean energy; they could be a practical route to empowering people and nurturing their wellbeing, believes Matt Mellen. He sits in on a public event to hear local energy innovators share their experience


Solar Boat Goes Around the World



07 Dec 2010


The biggest solar boat in history, the T˚ranor PlanetSolar is currently circumnavigating the globe to prove that sunshine is the fuel of the future


World's Biggest Solar Power Station



14 Sep 2010


After opening the biggest solar thermal power station ever built, Spain has become a world leader in solar energy generation


Positive Changes for Wind Power



04 May 2010


US based company and wind turbine developer WindSail have been addressing what some people site as the drawbacks to wind power with a comprehensively positive response.


Energy Out of the Blue



02 Mar 2010


A new wave-energy device has become operational off the north coast of Scotland.


A New Generation Shifts into Gear


Archive, Youth

30 Nov 2009


There is a shift taking place. Against the odds, climate change isbeing treated by an increasing amount of people, as something that canbe turned into a positive opportunity.


Energising Independence



23 Nov 2009


Landmark moment for a more sustainable future as the nation's first energy micro grid powers up.


Drumming Up Hope



23 Nov 2009


Partnership for Youth Empowerment, is an international network that teams up with communities to provide transformative arts programmes for young people.


Power Shift: UK's Youth on Campaign of Hope


Archive, Youth

07 Oct 2009


Young people from all over the country are coming together this weekend for 'Power Shift', an unprecedented event at the Institute of Education in London.


Power and Place conference



28 Sep 2009


The most recent evidence on both climate security and energy security reveals an urgent situation. Solutions do exist and a conference at the Centre for Alternative Energy will be exploring these.


Rolling Out Power to the People



08 Sep 2009


Imagine each and every surface under the sun covered with a film that captures light and transforms it into electricity.


Power Up Gambia



08 Sep 2009


'A dream come true,' was how Kebba Badgie, the hospital's chief executive, described the new solar panels that stand outside his medical centre.


Salt is the Solution



10 Mar 2009


A new approach is being explored by the solar power industries that could soon eliminate the problem of solar powers inability to generate electricity at night.


Settle for Water Power



24 Nov 2008


Local and sustainable power generation projects, owned and run by local people and generating power for local amenities, represents social enterprise working at its best.


Community Power



15 Sep 2008


Limpsfield Village, Surrey, has recently won an O2 It's YourCommunity' award and has been granted a generous sum of money for theirRiver Eden Project'.


The Power of Hope



19 Mar 2008


The Power of Hope unleashes the positive potential of youth through arts-centered, multicultural learning programmes.


Carrot Power



21 Mar 2007


A new and revolutionary material made from the humble carrot could soonbegin to replace materials such as glass fibre and carbon fibre in allsorts of things, from fishing rods to car parts.


International Power Summit



03 Jan 2007


DATE: 22-25 February 2007
Reliability, availability and maintenance - which technologies will help improve and optimise the system?


10th Annual Asia Power & Energy Congress



03 Jan 2007


DATE: 20-23 March 2007

The Asia Power & Energy Congress is...