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LEDs Light up Tanzania's Homes

/ Economics & Innovation

31 Jan 2011


Illumination, a company selling solar LED lamps, are on a mission to replace the paraffin lanterns in Tanzania's 1.5 million homes

Lot of Bottle Greenhouses

/ Agriculture, Community, Innovation

14 Dec 2010


Plastic bottle greenhouses are inexpensive ways to protect winter crops, but they are also making use of resources that might otherwise go to landfill

Agricultural Solutions in Africa

/ Agriculture, Archive, Innovation

13 Dec 2010


Worldwatch senior researcher Danielle Nierenberg spent the last year touring over 25 countries in sub-Saharan Africa in search of agricultural innovations that are adaptive, sustainable and ecosystem-friendly


A Taste of Freedom



21 Sep 2010


Surplus fruit is being salvaged by a new and highly inventive sustainability project


Grow Heathrow Takes Off!



21 Sep 2010


The Grow Heathrow initiative has been restoring an abandoned market garden to provide a source of locally produced, organic fruit and vegetables


Cards with Perspective



21 Sep 2010


World's first Fairtrade photographic postcards offer a creative way out of poverty


World's Biggest Page Turner



14 Sep 2010


Prestigious award given to school children creating 120 sq ft book about peace, featuring entries from the Dalai Lama and Nelson Mandela


Britain's Largest Solar Roof


/ Archive

14 Sep 2010


Over 1,000 electricity-generating solar panels form the UK's largest solar roof, being installed at Worthy Farm, home of the Glastonbury Festival.


Guerrilla Cinema



11 Aug 2010


Edinburgh Woodcraft Folk has teamed up with Alchemy Arts project to create a sustainable-bike-driven-mobile-cinema!


Medicine for Warmer, Cheaper Living



09 Aug 2010


The Green Doctors provide free advice on how to heat your house while reducing your environmental impact


Eco Settlement Sets a Sustainable Standard


Agriculture, Archive

09 Jun 2010


Construction of a groundbreaking low-impact village in Pembrokeshire is now underway, following unprecedented success with planning permission


Green City Builds Prosperity for Palestine



09 Jun 2010


A new sustainable development, 'Rawabi is designed to serve a generation of Palestinians coming of age and seeking welcoming surroundings to build families, careers and lives'


Grow, Cook, Share



09 Jun 2010


South Shropshire is helping local people to eat more fruit and vegetables, by integrating schools, communities and home-based gardeners with cookery training and a distribution scheme


Sharing Sciences



09 Jun 2010


Meteorologists and indigenous weather experts from the Nganyi people of western Kenya team up to protect crops


The Small Strokes of an Epic Adventure



07 Jun 2010


An interview with Roz Savage; the first woman to row solo across the Pacific, from the United States to Papua New Guinea


Forest to Reflourish



02 Mar 2010


Recognising the need for ecological restoration, a local group in Scotland have set about transforming a barren valley.


Working Wonders With Waste



22 Feb 2010


Indian company Thunk, is making fashionable products out of discarded rubbish while supporting underprivileged communities.


Find Your Talent



01 Feb 2010


Find Your Talent gives children and young people the chance to try out different cultural and creative activities.


Around the World on a Wind and a Prayer



26 Jan 2010


Swiss engineer Marc Muller has designed and built a solar and wind powered car that uses its photovoltaic panels during the day and a super lightweight wind generator called Icarus at night.


The Community Cooker



30 Nov 2009


A recycling project turns rubbish into energy and potentially transforms slums into resource-rich communities.