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What's Next for Wild Lawyers in the UK?


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07 Dec 2010


The wild law movement in the UK has been gathering momentum over the past six years. Melanie Strickland reviews recent developments


Dandelion Award



09 Dec 2009


Positive News has become a judge and media partner for the Dandelion Award, which recognises the achievements of grassroots social enterprises that are having a truly positive impact.


Enough is Enough



24 Nov 2008


John Naish is a correspondent for The Times and author of Enough: Breaking Free from the World of More ñ a practical guide to future-proof consumption.


Global call to action



29 Jun 2005


The Make Poverty History coalition is calling on the G8 to ensure that the unpayable debts of the world's poorest countries are cancelled in full, without harming aid budgets to meet any costs. Furthermore, the coalition wishes the G8 to stop forcing poor countries to follow imposed policies in return for debt cancellation and to agree to a just...


People's Credit for People's Purposes



30 Jun 2002


Austin Mitchell is one of the first MPs to recognise the absurdity of the current situation where banks can create money to lend but the government has to borrow it at commercial rates of interest. In the past the government benefited from issuing debt free money in the form of notes and coins, but nowadays only about three per...