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French Student's Eco-Marathon Success



01 Jun 2010


A team of French students have just smashed Eco-Marathon's 5 year long world record with a car capable of over 10,000 miles per gallon.


The Wonderful World of Worm Charming



08 Sep 2009


Hundreds competed in the driving rain to achieve a world record at this year's World Worm Charming Championships, held at Willaston village, in Cheshire.


Uplifting Moment Makes History for Gaza



07 Sep 2009


6,000 Kite Flying Children Unite for Symbolic Day of Peace and Unity


Pakistan's Tree-mendous Effort



31 Aug 2009


300 volunteers in Pakistan has set a new Guinness World Record for planting 541,176 trees in 24 hours.


Row, Row, Row Your Boat



26 Aug 2009


Congratulations to Sarah Outen who in an astonishing solo effort has rowed the Indian Ocean from Australia to the Island of Mauritius in just 124 days.


Row, Row, Row Your Boat



04 Aug 2009


Congratulations to Sarah Outen who in an astonishing solo effort hasrowed the Indian Ocean from Australia to the Island of Mauritius injust 124 days.


Paddle For The Peace



30 Jun 2009


The third annual Paddle for the Peace event, hosted by West MoberlyFirst Nations and the Peace Valley Environment Association, attracted347 paddlers in 166 boats.


Winds of Change



15 Jun 2009


The Ecotricity Greenbird, driven by UK engineer Richard Jenkins, has recently set a new world land speed record for wind-powered vehicles.


Wales 'goes bananas' for Fairtrade!



25 Feb 2009


Having already become the world's first Fair Trade Nation, Wales is aiming to break another world record this Fairtrade Fortnight ñ for the most bananas eaten in a day!


World record-breaking pants!



30 Nov 2008


116 people braved the November cold at StPancras International to break the Guinness World Recordfor the most people ever gathered in just their pants!


Students Stand Up and Speak Out


Archive, Youth

18 Dec 2007


Over 43.7 million people in 127 countries have broken the GuinnessWorld Record ñ set last year at 23.5 million ñ for the largest numberof people to Stand Up Against Poverty in one 24 hour period.





30 Nov 2007


Earthrace is currently the highest-profile powerboat in the world, as well as one of the greenest.


From Pole to Pole



12 Jun 2007


Young Adventurers Raise Awareness of Environmental Issues. Rob Gauntlett and James Hooper are filming their world record attempt to walk, cycle, ski and sail all the way from the North to the South Pole.