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Newcastle Tops the Green Bill


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10 Nov 2010


Newcastle has topped a table of Britain's greenest cities for the second year running


Get in the LOOP



30 Jun 2009



£2million Fund for Action on Climate Change



27 May 2009


A £2million fund has been opened today, providing grants of between £100,000 and £500,000 to new projects that can demonstrate significant carbon savings


Somerset – UK's Top Recycling County



04 Mar 2009


Somerset is the UK's top county for recycling, new figures show - re-enforcing the potential for green businesses.


Navarre's Clean Energy Success



31 Jan 2009


Over the past 15 years, Spain's Navarre region has undergone an energy transformation.


New and Renewable Energy



03 Jan 2007


At theMiddle East Electricity Exhibition and Conference DATE: 11-14...


Good Food Up North



13 Jun 2006


What does good food mean to you ñ to your business, your health, your conscience or your taste buds? Come to Bradford, curry capital of the UK, to celebrate and join the great debate.


New Community Radio Licences



15 Dec 2005


Seven new community radio licences have been awarded in the UK bringing the total number of full community radio licences awarded so far to sixty-two.


Local Food for School Dinners



30 Sep 2003


Local food is definitely on the menu, according to Good Food on the Public Plate, a manual for those wishing to introduce sustainable food in the public sector.


A Cheaper Way to Pay for Railways?



29 Dec 2001


Almost exactly 80 years ago, two of the great American industrialists of the age - Henry Ford and Thomas Edison - held a press conference in Alabama to put forward a new way of paying for a major dam scheme. An alternative to the Global Monetary System?



30 Sep 2001


There are plans afoot to set up thirdsectorbarter on the Internet to provide an alternative method of ex-change and help build a robust electronic alternative to the global monetary system. It would work as an exchange of global information, communication, goods, services and time and be specifically designed to support the work of people and organisations in the fields...