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Grow Heathrow Takes Off!



21 Sep 2010


The Grow Heathrow initiative has been restoring an abandoned market garden to provide a source of locally produced, organic fruit and vegetables


Solar Zone Replaces Nuclear Test Site



14 Sep 2010


A new solar demonstration zone in the Nevada Desert is to replace a former nuclear weapons test site


Share in the Good Life


Agriculture, Archive

03 Mar 2010


The Ecological Land Co-operative aims to enable more people to turn the dream of getting back to nature, living on a rural smallholding and working the land in a sustainable and ecological way, into a reality.


Going Wild in the City



02 Mar 2010


A Jewel in Toronto's Crown becomes a Model for Canada's Sustainable Future.





01 Mar 2010



Keep Earth Beautiful International



30 Nov 2009



Fishing for Lyrics



23 Nov 2009


PoetCasting is an exciting internet project, revolutionising the way we think about the art of poetry.


Sharing the Housing Vision



16 Jun 2009


Plans to create a co-housing community of around 30 homes in Bridport, Dorset, are developing positively.


One Man's Mission



15 Jun 2009


PointReturn is the solo initiative of 67-year-old DV Sridharan, founder of the on-line magazine, Good News India. Now its 17 acres of waste-land will be restored it into a sustainable resource for water, energy, food and cash.


Ethical Health



30 Apr 2009



Salad Days at Thanet Earth


Agriculture, Archive

10 Mar 2009


Thanet Earth is an exciting, revolutionary horticultural development. When finished it will be the largest eco-friendly glasshouse complex in Britain.





28 Feb 2009






31 Dec 2008


FreeRice aim to provide education to everyone and to help end world hunger by providing rice to hungry people for free.





31 Dec 2008


Ecotube is an online forum, providing people with the space to express their opinions on video, share their knowledge and inform others about the environmental concerns facing civilisation today.


The Content Crew Kicks off!



01 Dec 2008


Chew TV has officially launched a pioneering scheme that is giving oneyear's work experience to fifty 14-25 year old, film enthusiasts fromall over the UK.


Young People in the News


Archive, Youth

28 Nov 2008


InSITE is a free and independent online youth magazine, produced by andfor the young people of Herefordshire in the UK. It includes articles,stories, reviews, artwork and photographs, as well as audio and videowork ñ a platform where young people from across the whole county canexpress their views and opinions.


Ireland's First Eco-village


Agriculture, Archive

24 Nov 2008


The Village, Ireland's largest eco-building project, is set on 67 acres in the lush green in County Tipperary. Two-thirds of the plots are already sold and the rest likely to be taken up soon.


The Great Fen Project



16 Sep 2008


The Great Fen Project ñ one of the most exciting habitat restorationprojects in the UK ñ will eventually create a 3,700hectare wetland between the two districts of Huntingdon andPeterborough in Cambridgeshire.


Energy Bites



31 Aug 2008


A fresh look at developments that are bringing cleaner technologies closer to home.


The Kids Zone at Manage Energy



02 Jul 2008