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20 Mar 2015


For the first time in decades, a grassroots organisation in Spain has the potential to unseat the country’s major political parties. Could this herald the beginning of a Europe-wide political revolution?

Hasidic Jews in Hackney, London (c) Flickr member kafaka4prez

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20 Feb 2015


The volatile situation in the Middle East is cause for concern, but widespread anti-Semitic scaremongering is not indicative of Britain’s real feelings towards the Jewish population, claims Thomas Scotto

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24 Nov 2014


European nations seen as best prepared to care for ageing populations


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21 Nov 2014


Rather than compartmentalising our knowledge and perception, to fully experience reality and build a sustainable society we should open ourselves to the interconnectedness of all of the web of life, argues author Giles Hutchins


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05 Sep 2014


With Ireland in first place, a new index has been created to measure the good that countries do for the rest of the world. Ben Whitford meets its founder, Simon Anholt, and finds out how it could encourage more altruistic and socially positive government policies


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09 Aug 2014


By 'rewilding' nature and society we can forge a hopeful path through modern crises, said the journalist, speaking at Wilderness festival


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12 Jun 2014


By cultivating our intrinsic values we can build society around what matters most to us, says Seán Dagan Wood

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29 Nov 2013


UK citizens are some of the most satisfied in the industrialised world, according to a new report

Mark Williamson

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05 Sep 2013


New data shows that the UK is taking promising steps towards a happier society, but we must redefine our idea of success if we are to truly nurture our wellbeing

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05 Sep 2013


UK ranked 10th happiest out of 27 European countries

Celebrating Sanctuary

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13 Jun 2013


Nine in ten people accept that Britain is now a multicultural country and 70% are in favour of multiculturalism, according to a recent poll.


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22 Feb 2013


The official Crime Survey of England and Wales reveals a significant drop in crime, with similar results reported in Scotland

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29 Jan 2013


Environmentalism is about values, not income, new research shows

Mark Williamson in the office (c) Matt Chocqueel-Mangan

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25 Jan 2013


Dr Mark Williamson, director of Action for Happiness, responds to the results of the first national assessment of UK values

Wheelbarrow race, Aldborough, Norfolk (c) Flickr member Steenberg

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25 Jan 2013


Far-reaching research into people’s values indicates that people feel positively about the UK on a local level, but feel that their values are not reflected in how the country operates at a national level

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/ Paul Fletcher, Positive Perspective

15 Jan 2013


A shift in consciousness in all areas of human activity is necessary if we are to move into an era of true prosperity, writes Paul Fletcher

Charles&Polly web1

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07 Dec 2012


Jeremy Wickremer joins the audience for a public conversation between Charles Eisenstein and Polly Higgins, two ‘visionaries of a new world’


Video: Sacred Economics and Sacred Law


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07 Dec 2012


Working in the fields of law and economics, Polly Higgins and Charles Eisenstein share the belief that all life is sacred and see this understanding as the basis for a prosperous future. At a public event in London in November 2012, they spoke about their life paths and shared their visionary ideas.


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05 Dec 2012


It is time for men to rediscover their masculinity and express their strength through compassion and service, not control and dominion, writes Jamie Catto

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03 Aug 2012


The role of sport in creating positive social change has been celebrated at a prestigious award ceremony in London