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13 Jan 2015


The traditional hero narrative in stories has wreaked havoc with the world’s delicate balance, says Greta Rossi. Now it’s time to reclaim the original intention of the heroic tale, for the benefit of ourselves and the planet

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20 Nov 2014


Being able to trust can create a powerful foundation for reframing how we see the world and taking more purposeful actions in our lives, discovers Jini Reddy at the Findhorn New Story Summit


The Story of London


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28 Sep 2010



Interfaith Musical Inspires Peace



02 Mar 2010


In January, Peace Child International staged a pilot of their new musical, Peace Child - Alpha Omega.


Forest to Reflourish



02 Mar 2010


Recognising the need for ecological restoration, a local group in Scotland have set about transforming a barren valley.


Re-enacting an Epic Voyage



23 Nov 2009


One of the world's greatest migrations is to be re-enacted next year, using ancient seafaring skills and a fleet of handmade traditional canoes, known as Vakas.


The Story Of Stuff



30 Oct 2009


The Story of Stuff exposes the connections between a huge number of environmental and social issues, and calls us together to create a more sustainable and just world.


Chalice Well



16 Jun 2009


Chalice Well: the Story of a Living Sanctuary is a timely book,published in this the 50th anniversary year of the Chalice Well Trust.


In Transition



19 May 2009


Transition Culture are delighted to announce the launch, on the 23rd May, of In Transition' an hour-long documentary about Transition.


Speaking Out for Remote Tribes



07 Apr 2009


British actress Joanna Lumley has narrated a new film for the tribal rights charity Survival International.


Kids on Strike for the Planet


Archive, Youth

01 Apr 2009


Do you enjoy acting and performing and are you interested in doingsomething about global warming? If so, this is an exciting opportunityfor you to combine the two.


Attention Aspiring Young Journalists


Archive, Youth

11 Mar 2009


After the success of last year's Arvon Course, Positive News and Global NET are offering another 15 young writers, aged 16 - 25 years, the opportunity to take part in 2009's positive journalism course.


Welsh Schoolboy Wins Storytelling Prize


Archive, Youth

24 Feb 2009


Welsh schoolboy, Tomas Turtle, was so captivated when he heard an Irish folk story, that he remembered and re-told it to win a National storytelling competition.


Ultimate Prize for Fairtrade Eco Queen



11 Feb 2009


Harriet Lamb, Executive Director of the Fairtrade Foundation, was recently named 'Ultimate Eco Queen' at Cosmopolitan's Ultimate Women of the Year Awards.


Grow Your Own'



15 Sep 2008


Garden Organic, the UK's leading organic growing charity, are great believers in allotments.


William's Windmill



15 Sep 2008


William Kamkwamba 14, living in a village in Malawi, with no electricity, has made an astounding achievement by building a power-generating windmill.


A Story of Hope and Courage



09 Sep 2008


International Women's Day is a great opportunity to celebrate the achievements of some of the women World Vision work alongside.


The Man Who Planted Trees



30 Apr 2008


Puppet State Theatre Co Present The Man Who Planted Trees at the Wyeside Festival.





31 Jan 2008



Rainbow Warrior



30 Nov 2007