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05 Aug 2013


The Fairphone initiative, launched to create completely conflict-free mobile phones, is picking up the pace. But will it ever be able to compete with the likes of Apple and Samsung? Will Simpson investigates


/ Positive Travel, Wellbeing

30 May 2013


With social media and email waiting to fill our every spare moment, many have become dependent on connecting via technology. So what happens when you take a digital detox, reconnecting with new experiences, other people and the land instead?


/ Environment, Positive Products

06 May 2013


10% of profits from new mobile phone service will go to WWF


/ Education

18 Apr 2013


A new breed of online courses offers in-depth learning for free, from anywhere in the world. Nicola Slawson tries one out and considers the effects Massive Open Online Courses will have on traditional education

Jim Fullalove

/ Technology

12 Apr 2013


London-based designers dream up a gravity powered lamp, which could light the far corners of the developing world using a bag filled with rocks or sand


/ Renewable Energy

31 Jan 2013


Cramped, windowless dwellings in impoverished parts of the world are being given a new lease of life thanks to a remarkably simple invention

A wave converter device

/ Renewable Energy

18 Jan 2013


Marine energy has the potential to provide the UK with 20% of its power requirements. Jacqueline Easby considers its future role in energy supply and asks why the technology has not seen more investment

Farm Hack in New Hampshire. Credit- Lindsey Shute

/ Agriculture

16 Jan 2013


Thanks to a new collaborative programme and its open source ethics, young farmers in the US are working together to share sustainable and innovative farming technologies, ensuring the longevity of their livelihoods


/ Positive News blog

06 Dec 2012


Reflecting on his internship at Positive News, Tom Lawson considers the benefit of the internet at a time of change in the media


/ Health

11 Jun 2012


A new phone app called Buddy is being used by mental health service providers to help patient wellbeing


Algae Powered Airship



03 Nov 2010


Introducing a new concept airship that is effectively powered by algae based bio-fuel derived from brackish and waste water.


Super Tram



18 Aug 2010


The Fraunhofer research facility is set to change the face of German public transport for the better with its new concept, the Super Tram.


Practical Use for the Heat from Your Feet



18 Aug 2010


Orange along with researchers and manufacturers GotWind have devised a charger, integrated in your boots that will power your mobile phone.





01 Mar 2010



TEDGlobal 2010



22 Feb 2010


The TEDGlobal 2010 Conference will run between the 12-16 July in Oxford UK. If you want to participate in this positive event, now is the time to register.


Orange Pitches a Tent with Juice



07 Sep 2009


Mobile network operator, Orange, have utilised state of the art, eco-technology to come up with the tent of the future.


Jacque Fresco's Vision of a New Future



15 Jun 2009


Jacque Fresco, at the age of 93 is a scientist, architect, inventor, designer and urban visionary, who has spent a lifetime conceiving ways to build a better world.


Plastic Fantastic



15 Jun 2009


Recycling company Nextek has recently developed new technology, which is helping to clean up the South Pacific Ocean.


The Ziggurat Project



10 Mar 2009


Timelinks, an innovative environmental design company based in Dubai, have recently unveiled their vision of a city of the future' at the 2008 Cityscape Dubai exhibition.


Changing World -Energy



30 Nov 2008


Changing World looks at innovation all around the world from Seawater Greenhouses, how South Africa is investing clean technologies.