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World Fair Trade Day 2010



05 May 2010


On 8th May World Fair Trade Day 2010 is being celebrated through hundreds of events in more than 70 countries around the world.


Fruitful Success for Palestine


Agriculture, Archive

02 Mar 2010


The Story of the World's First Fair Trade Olive Oil


Fair Trade Bucks the Recession



20 Oct 2009


Whilst many retailers are closing stores or even leaving the High Street altogether, Fair Trade Fashion pioneer Bishopston Trading Company, has announced plans for expansion.


Fairtrade Fashion is all Wrapped up this Autumn



08 Sep 2009


It was after spending time in India in 2007, that Nieves Ruiz learnt more about fair trade and the positive impact it can have on communities.


The Natural Store



03 Jul 2009






30 Apr 2009



Seasonal and Regional



31 Mar 2009



The Keen Green & Ethical Trade Market



31 Mar 2009



Wales 'goes bananas' for Fairtrade!



25 Feb 2009


Having already become the world's first Fair Trade Nation, Wales is aiming to break another world record this Fairtrade Fortnight ñ for the most bananas eaten in a day!


Money ñ Let's Talk About it



24 Nov 2008


A report, commissioned by Triodos Bank last year, found that many active ethical consumers often do not apply the same demanding criteria to their choice of bank as they do to their daily lives.


Safia Minney



30 Sep 2008


Safia Minney is a social entrepreneur created herfashion company People Tree with Fair Trade principles long before theyhit mainstream consciousness.


Bart Spice Up Trade Fairly



01 May 2008


Recently Bart Spices set a precedent by launching their all-new range of Fairtrade seasonings onto the supermarket shelves.


We Say: "Pants to Poverty!"



10 Mar 2008


If you love pants but hate poverty then these knickers are for you! Fairtrade, organic and sweatshop-free, this is good-looking underwear that carries a vital message.


World Of Good



04 Mar 2008


EBay and World of Good, an organisation that works to alleviate poverty, have joined forces to create a marketplace that is planning on making that dream a reality.


Change Today- Choose Fairtrade



28 Feb 2007


Fairtrade Fornight is currently running, publicising the problems of third world farmers and asking us all to 'do our bit' to help giveproducers a fair deal


Fair Trade at the Crossroads



21 Aug 2006


at the London School of Economics 29th October 2006
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Good Food Up North



13 Jun 2006


What does good food mean to you ñ to your business, your health, your conscience or your taste buds? Come to Bradford, curry capital of the UK, to celebrate and join the great debate.


Olive Trees For Life



25 May 2006


Olive Co-operative has recently announced the launch of "Trees For Life". This partnership offers the public the opportunity to sponsor the planting of olive trees in Palestine.


Fair Trade Sails into View



06 Apr 2006


Fairtrade producers gathered in Hong Kong to attend Fairtrade fair and symposium', publicising green industry and ethical buying.


Students Up in Arms



07 Mar 2006


Last October, a groundbreaking study by CAAT, the Campaign Against Arms Trade, revealed that at least 67 of the UK's universities invested in the arms trade.