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04 Dec 2014


Hydrogen-powered cars are set to become an increasingly common sight on UK roads by the 2020s as new models are announced and infrastructure investment plans revealed


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16 Jul 2014


For a responsible family holiday to the Catalan coast, Alice Grahame takes the new Paris-Barcelona train, and doesn’t compromise on her principles

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21 May 2013


A new government scheme aims to make journeys cheaper and easier with ‘joined-up transport’

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14 Mar 2013


Cycling enthusiasts are hoping for friendlier town planning, less bike theft and more protection on the roads, following a government cycling consultation


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30 Nov 2012


Could bikes made from bamboo be the future of sustainable transportation? Tom Lawson takes one for a test ride


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07 Jun 2012


The Welsh government have announced plans to make it a legal requirement for local councils to provide and maintain cycle and walking routes


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22 Jul 2011


Peter Henshaw takes the new e-Vivacity for a spin


Hydrogen Cars to be Piloted on Britain's Streets


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14 Sep 2010


A fleet of hydrogen cars will be the first on Britain's streets as part of a new transport model


Rob Forbes Tri4Africa Challenge



28 Jul 2010


Rob Forbes has undertaken an amazing journey from Cirencester (UK) to South Africa by running, cycling and swimming alone. All to raise funds for Recycle a charity sending reclaimed bikes to Africa to provide essential transport


New Bus Shelter's Got Bottle



03 Mar 2010


Bottlestop is an innovative bus shelter, built using recycled glass bottles. Located in Lexington, Kentucky, the structure is also self-sustaining, illuminated with LED lights and powered by solar panels.


The Bus to a Cooler World



07 Sep 2009


Global Cool launch their public transport campaign and unveil their super cool bus.


Glastonbury's Greener Performance



07 Sep 2009


A festival population of around 170,000 gave SustainabilityCo-ordinator, Lucy Brookings-Clarke and her team, the biggest challengeyet.


Cleaner Air for London



12 Jun 2007


The Mayor of London has approved plans for a London-wide Low Emission Zone, to cut harmful emissions from the most polluting vehicles.


Double Decker Reds Go Green



05 Dec 2006


The iconic red london bus is undergoing a transformation, helping it meet the environmental needs of the UK's capital city


Around the World in Eighty Ways



30 Sep 2001


Setting out in the footsteps of Phileas Fogg, two Australians are travelling the world by bike, skateboard, boat, camel, bus, canoe, train, horse, rickshaw or whatever other environmentally conscious mode of transport they find appropriate to raise consciousness about global warming.