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Reading in South Africa

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11 Apr 2014


One problem, one solution, one week. A new volunteering travel initiative sets its sights on universal primary education


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26 Mar 2014


During six months of hitchhiking around Europe, Jamie Bowlby-Whiting puts his trust in the inherent goodness of the world, and it delivers


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12 Mar 2014


The 10 most ethical destinations to visit in the year ahead

dunbar SMALL

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20 Jan 2014


John Muir is a household name in the US, but few in Britain are aware of the Scotsman's legacy. With The John Muir Way long-distance footpath opening in Scotland in April, Aaron Millar looks at the life of the man who changed the way we interact with nature

leopard close (c) Aaron Millar

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06 Dec 2013


Observing wild animals is not only a breathtaking spectacle, it’s good for our wellbeing too. However, the impact on natural habitats isn’t always so positive. Aaron Millar outlines four destinations that balance tourism and conservation

Eurostar at St.Pancras

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26 Sep 2013


Imagine if traveling through Europe by train was as easy as taking a flight. We meet the entrepreneur helping make this a reality

Kerala backwaters

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25 Sep 2013


The first in a new series exploring the most sustainable and transformational travel experiences the world has to offer


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08 Aug 2013


Ahead of the release of blockbuster film The Lone Ranger, Aaron Millar visited the Navajo Nation to discover the culture, identity and astonishing resilience of America’s first people

Austria travel

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01 Aug 2013


Outside of the ski season, summer in the Austrian Alps offers holiday bargains, empty mountains and, if you’re so inclined, therapeutic naked saunas. Claudia Cahalane straps on her walking boots and heads to the hills


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30 May 2013


With social media and email waiting to fill our every spare moment, many have become dependent on connecting via technology. So what happens when you take a digital detox, reconnecting with new experiences, other people and the land instead?

7b (c) Oikoten

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12 Mar 2013


Half-an-hour from Belgium's capital, Brussels, lies an unlikely place to begin a pilgrimage: a cul-de-sac. Yet hundreds of teenagers have passed through to start a four-month, 1,550-mile journey by foot, taking them from incarceration to freedom

Gypsy 33

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25 Feb 2013


Some travel the world seeking once-in-a-lifetime thrills and adventures, but for Naomi Tolley, it was a meeting with a remarkable family and a beautiful, humble journey across Cumbria in a handmade gypsy caravan that really set her heart racing

Suzanne Monoliths, Mikindani Bay (C) Isobel Pring, eco2

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04 Feb 2013


Thembi Mutch looks at the reality of volunteering in Africa and gives advice on how to make it work for all parties involved

3Yamabushi 1 - Copy

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03 Jan 2013


Trekking the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage route in the sacred Kii Mountains of Japan, Aaron Millar is absorbed by stunning scenery, peaceful solitude, fascinating tradition, and Shugendo Buddhism’s insights into the value of nature

Alex Georges at the start of his kayak voyage on Lampedusa. Credit A. Georges

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09 Nov 2012


A Frenchman has reached the halfway point in a kayaking voyage from Tunisia to Brussels, where he hopes to present a petition for asylum seekers’ rights to the European Parliament

Credit Scott AblemanLR

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01 Oct 2012


Evermore popular with tourists, the Galapagos is finding innovative new ways to share its beauty with visitors while conserving its unique flora and fauna


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28 Sep 2012


Former BBC journalist Marie Gabriel swaps the stresses of modern city life for the natural ease of a remote Polynesian island

Young Innu Cultural Health Walkers

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21 Sep 2012


A 30-year-old Innu man, Nikashant Antane (Michel Andrew), nicknamed Giant, has completed an epic 4,000km 'health' walk across the harsh hinterlands of subarctic Quebec and Labrador


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20 Sep 2012


In post-revolution Tunisia, Naomi Tolley discovers a peaceful land with a positive air, and a unique tourism business that one man has built with his own hands


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05 Mar 2012


Bethany Wivell investigates the environmental policies making waves in the Maldives