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Volunteering in the British Wilderness


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03 Mar 2010


Shanna Jones writes about her travels from Shropshire to the remote village of Inverie on Knoydart, in the Scottish highlands.


Good Luck Fire Truck



23 Nov 2009


Six firefighters from Shropshire, in the UK, have recently driven a fire engine more than a thousand miles to help a Hungarian community in need.


David Peat & the Pari Centre



11 Mar 2009


David Peat talks about his win-win situation at the Pari Centre in Italy and how the Centre is bringing positive developments to the local community.


Performers Without Borders



11 Mar 2009


From a small village in the dusty plains of north India, to the humid intensity of a railway junction, Performers Without Borders have been sowing the seeds of positive change.


Mahmoud Issa's Story



25 Feb 2009


In Palestine, the zaytoun olive trees are revered and symbolizes many things, including family, land and hope. This is the story of Mahmoud Issa an Olive Farmer in Palestine.


William's Windmill



15 Sep 2008


William Kamkwamba 14, living in a village in Malawi, with no electricity, has made an astounding achievement by building a power-generating windmill.


The Grain of Wheat Centre


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18 Dec 2007


Danielle Carr-Gomm shares her vision of the future for an exciting new eco-project in Bulgaria.


For the Sake of Life and Peace



14 Mar 2007


Kamal Mousawak tells us how the first farmers market in Lebanon is refusing to let the current hostilities destroy its vision.


Happy Birthday Brilley



29 Nov 2006


An environmental group from Brilley are celebrating their first year ofworking towards making their village the only carbon neutral one inHerefordshire. The Marches Energy Agency have help-ed develop theproject and also produced a Climate Change Strategy for Villages.


A Tsunami of Kindness: Adopt a Village



28 Feb 2005


As the world organizes a massive relief mission in the wake of the worst natural diaster in modern times a whole new movement which could radically affect the way we respond to disasters is proposed by author Guy Dauncey. It's called 'Adopt a Village'


People Planting



30 Dec 2003


People Planting is a scheme to help communities grow their own wood-lands. The scheme allows children and adults alike to dispel those feelings of helplessness in the face of environmental horror stories and enjoy repairing the damage. It is run by the community for the community and as such it strengthens community spirit and pride.


Span'ners in the Works



30 Dec 2002


During my gap year, in the autumn of 2001, I went back to my old sixth form at Impington Village College to set up a SPAN (Sixth formers' Political Awareness Network) group as a forum for politically interested people to take action.