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14 Jul 2015


Scotland’s environment secretary has challenged the nation to #MakeThingsLast with the launch of a social media engagement campaign to promote repairing, reusing and remanufacturing as part of a wider circular economy drive

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20 Apr 2015


A London-based surf brand wants to tackle increasing levels of plastic waste along the UK coastline by transforming it into beachwear


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04 Feb 2015


UK supermarket giant Asda is trialling a new range of misshapen fruit and vegetables – sold at reduced prices – in what they say is an attempt to cut food waste


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19 Dec 2014


A new project, the first of its kind globally, will see rubbish otherwise bound for landfill turned into clean aviation fuel

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21 Nov 2014


A Sainsbury’s store in Cannock has become the first supermarket in the world to derive 100% of its power through its own food waste

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01 Oct 2014


A new report highlights billion-pound economy boost to be had in better resource efficiency

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21 Aug 2014


Supermarket chain Intermarché in France has been selling ‘ugly’ fruit and vegetables to customers at a discounted rate to highlight the problem of food waste and provide customers with a cheaper shopping alternative

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08 Jul 2014


Researchers at the University of Illinois have developed a ‘self-healing’ plastic that could one day allow objects from cracked mobile phone screens to meteor-battered space probes to automatically repair themselves

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25 Nov 2013


The government is to introduce a 5p charge for plastic bags in England from 2015 in an effort to discourage their use and reduce waste

Dev Biswal

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05 Jun 2013


Today is World Environment Day and the 2013 theme is anti-food waste. With up to 2bn tonnes of food discarded worldwide every year, Michelin-rated chef and SuperScrimpers’ star Dev Biswal gives his top tips for reducing waste


New food think tank addresses world’s ‘broken food system’


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05 Jun 2013


People around the world are dying of starvation while others are killed by obesity. This broken model needs fixing, says new organisation Food Tank

Diseased wood bench

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31 May 2013


Wood otherwise bound for the bin is being put to good use as furniture


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19 Apr 2013


Goldman Environmental Prize winner Rossano Ercolini tackled Italy’s mounting waste problem and achieved what many environmentalists had only dreamed of. He talks to Rachel England about his unlikely zero waste journey

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19 Apr 2013


Sculptor James McNabb has created a series of wood sculptures exploring the idea that there should be no such thing as waste


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01 Feb 2013


A new website has launched enabling businesses and charities to exchange unwanted items, such as building materials and office furniture, for free

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21 Jan 2013


A new volunteer network has been set up to distribute free food to those in need, from unsellable farm crops that would otherwise go to waste


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27 Sep 2012


The biochar debate may have quietened down in recent years, but entrepreneur Craig Sams – founder of Green & Blacks chocolate – says his research is showing promising signs of biochar’s potential in the battle against climate change

Turning Fruit Residue into Electricity

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14 Dec 2010


The UK's largest juice drink producer is turning its waste products into 'cool green power' to refrigerate its ingredients


Millennium Stadium – Green Venue


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07 Dec 2010


The Millennium Stadium, in Wales, has launched a commitment to become the UK's first certifiably sustainable event venue


A Taste of Freedom



21 Sep 2010


Surplus fruit is being salvaged by a new and highly inventive sustainability project