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25 Nov 2015


With half of Europe’s remaining virgin forest, Romania holds a state of wilderness that has been lost in much of the continent. Sam Sutaria cycles across the country and asks what it could teach the west about rewilding both its landscape and its culture


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17 Dec 2014


Jini Reddy travels deep into the French Pyrenees on a solo wilderness quest that promises respite from the emotional and physical distractions of modern life. Can she get by with only her thoughts and nature’s whisper for company?

Waterfall Landscape

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05 Aug 2014


Set in a picturesque estate of ancient woodland, spring-fed lakes and rolling meadows in the heart of the Oxfordshire countryside, Wilderness is a music festival that aims to make the most of its surroundings


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01 Dec 2011


Caspar Walsh takes us through a transformative weekend of writing and wilderness with five young prisoners


Volunteering in the British Wilderness


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03 Mar 2010


Shanna Jones writes about her travels from Shropshire to the remote village of Inverie on Knoydart, in the Scottish highlands.


The Wild Places : A Wonder Voyage



02 Oct 2006


The Wild Places .. an evening exploring wilderness and words with Robert Macfarlance, prize winning author of "Mountains of the Mind".


Project Launches – In Brief



30 Jun 2002


The Wildlands Project: David Johns of the Wildlands Project in North America launched the Northern Forest Wildlands Initiative.The aim of the project is to protect and restore tens of thousands of hectares of land in the four north-eastern American states of Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire and New York State to be used as a protected conservation area. David explained...