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31 Dec 2014


The most popular articles of the past year

Brewery Converts Waste to Gas

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13 Dec 2010


Renewable gas made from brewery and local food waste has been injected into the National Grid from a groundbreaking anaerobic digestion plant


Annie Lennox Woman of the Year Award



16 Nov 2010


The Women of the year Award salutes singer, songwriter and philanthropist Annie Lennox, an exceptional woman who has used her vision to change the lives of many


The Moneyless Man



27 Sep 2010



Capital B



13 Sep 2010


A round-up of all things positive in Bristol, courtesy of The Source magazine - a celebration of sustainable living in the South West


Give Us More Sunshine!



09 Jun 2010


10:10, have launched Lighter Later ñ a campaign to shift the British clocks forward an hour a initiative would give everybody an extra hour of daylight to enjoy and at the same time, reduce pollution.


International Year of Biodiversity



03 Mar 2010


The United Nations have declared 2010 as the International Year of Biodiversity. People are being invited to join the campaign in order to help safeguard the Earth's resources.


Raising the Bog Standard



03 Mar 2010


Chalice Well in Somerset and The Eden Project in Cornwall, are among winners of the national Loo of the Year Awards, in recognition of the high standards of their eco-friendly washrooms.


A Forest Garden Year



08 Sep 2009


A Forest Garden Year provides further insights into Martin'sspectacular patch of land, as he leads viewers around his plot andguides them through its stages of productivity within the year's cycle.


Pakistan's Tree-mendous Effort



31 Aug 2009


300 volunteers in Pakistan has set a new Guinness World Record for planting 541,176 trees in 24 hours.


Celebrating Transition



15 Jun 2009


Transition Towns founder named Grassroots Campaigner of the Year at the Observer Ethical Awards 2009.


Farmers' Market of the Year 2009



16 Mar 2009


This year, two farmers' markets share The National Farmers' Retail and Markets Association crown for Farmers' Market of the Year 2009.


Young Storytellers Take the Stage


Archive, Youth

11 Mar 2009


Young people from across Shropshire are taking up the art of storytelling as a hobby.


Welsh Schoolboy Wins Storytelling Prize


Archive, Youth

24 Feb 2009


Welsh schoolboy, Tomas Turtle, was so captivated when he heard an Irish folk story, that he remembered and re-told it to win a National storytelling competition.


Ultimate Prize for Fairtrade Eco Queen



11 Feb 2009


Harriet Lamb, Executive Director of the Fairtrade Foundation, was recently named 'Ultimate Eco Queen' at Cosmopolitan's Ultimate Women of the Year Awards.


The Woodland Year



25 Nov 2008


Packed with stunning colour photographs, The Woodland Year is anintimate month-by-month journey through Ben Law's yearly cycle of work,his naturally attuned lifestyle and his deep understanding of thewoods.


World Prizes for Three Extraordinary Women



24 Jun 2008


Three extraordinary women, working to create a better world for children, have had their efforts recognised by a deserving accolade: the World's Children's Prize for the Rights of the Child.


Year of the Reef



21 May 2008


International Year of the Reef began in 1997 as a response to the increasing loss of coral reefs and their associated eco-systems, such as mangroves and sea grasses.


Discovering Young Hackney (DYH)


Archive, Youth

09 Apr 2008


Headliners (formerly the Children Express) is a UK-wide news agencyproducing news, features and comment by young people for everyone.


The 2008 African Gardens Competition



31 Jan 2008


Calling parents, teachers and grandparents! In 2008 we will be encouraging you to get together with your childrenor pupils to make Bag and Keyhole Gardens in your home or school.