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12 Jul 2013


Former gang member Simeon Moore took control of his own life, before helping set up peace talks between Birmingham gangs. Now working to help young people, he tells Laura Smith about his vision for tackling the root problems

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16 Aug 2012


Three young people have been awarded for their efforts in combating inner-city violence, campaigning against bullying and dedication to charity work

Benchmark Sport PR Shoot 24/07/2012


03 Aug 2012


The role of sport in creating positive social change has been celebrated at a prestigious award ceremony in London


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20 Jul 2012


Positive News intern Tom Lawson reflects on his first two months of positive journalism


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26 Apr 2012


Erica Crompton visits a unique organic farm and retreat in Scotland to discover how young volunteers are finding their way into employment


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01 Dec 2011


Caspar Walsh takes us through a transformative weekend of writing and wilderness with five young prisoners


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22 Aug 2011


Positive News is crowdfunding in order to offer a training placement for a young person


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16 Aug 2011


An 18-year-old has published a new book featuring interviews with 20 acclaimed entrepreneurs under 35

Jamies farm

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15 Aug 2011


Fresh air, brown earth and human kindness. These are the seeds of a revolution in the way we care for society’s most vulnerable individuals, which is taking shape across Britain’s farms and fields

Generation Zero

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03 Aug 2011


Achieving zero net greenhouse gas emissions is central to a prosperous future, say a new movement of young New Zealanders


Young People to Advise Government on Climate Change


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13 Sep 2010


A new Youth Advisory Panel on Climate Change is working with the government to ensure young people's views are incorporated in decisions on policy