An Uncivilised Solution to a Global Crisis

Times up! is a book about ensuring that we have the means to save ourselves from the unfolding global crisis. Humans have no motivation stronger than survival, the author Keith Farnish says. Yet the culture that dominates – the one that we call the Industrial Civilisation – has created a set of priorities that value financial wealth, the possession of superfluous goods and short cheap thrills, above that most basic need. In short, we are prepared to die in order to live a life that is killing us.

By proposing that something radical, long-term, exhilarating and totally un-civilised is urgently needed if we hope to continue our existence, makes Times up! a tale of survival. Equipping us with the tools to free ourselves from the culture that has blinded us all for so long, it explores how we can rejuvenate both our own lives and the Earth’s, by learning to reconnect with the world. Times up! contains the keys to survival in a some-times frightening but entertaining way.

Keith founded The Earth Blog in 2006, intended as a source of inspiration for people who want to be challenged and read about uncompromising solutions to difficult problems. He also co-founded Green Seniors, which aims to mobilise environmentally aware senior citizens around the globe, to use their experience to make a positive difference.

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